Has Star Wars: The Last Jedi gone to the birds? That's the rumor that's been circling for some months now. But what exactly are these birds and what do they have to do with R2-D2? A new fan-rendered sketch shows off a scene that is expected to be a favorite. Though it is just a fleeting moment of whimsy and humor.

Making Star Wars has this latest rumor, and they have been pretty accurate so far with their set leaks. One of the things they've often reported on is the Porgs of Ahch-To. These are referred to as sacred birds that inhabit Luke Skywalker's Jedi exile planet. They are said to have a nest with at least a dozen newborn hatchlings inside. The latest news is that Chewbacca and R2-D2 get a few fun moments with these water fowl before whiney Kylo Ren and his Knights show up to ruin the party.

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This is interesting for the sole fact that Chewbacca and R2-D2 will leave the Millennium Falcon parked on Ahch-To. Previous rumors claimed that the pair were staying on the ship, with Luke visiting them for a very tearful reunion. Before they set a course for deep space. But that apparently isn't the case. And it's fun to imagine Chewbacca bumping his head on Luke's home. Though we must not forget, Chewbacca is well versed in Jedi lore, even if Han Solo refused to believe in the old wizards back in the day. As Revenge of the Sith pointed out, Chewbacca and Yoda are besties that go way back. Yes, that is official canon.

The male Porgs have orange feathers, and the non-orange ones are female. But all are binary in the gender-friendly galaxy of Star Wars! Now comes the big news held within this story, if the idea of Chewbacca stepping into Luke's tree home isn't enough for you. R2-D2, now played by Jimmy Vee since the passing of Kenny Baker, will befriend one of the Porgs. And it will land on his head in what is described as the most 'adorable' moment in the movie.

A sketch has been rendered of this moment, as it should appear in Star Wars 8. The speculation is that fans will instantly fall in love with these birds. But we shouldn't get too far ahead of ourselves, as the same was said of Jar Jar, and we all know how that turned out. The birds are cute and bring some comedy to the proceedings. What isn't mentioned is whether or not Luke is roasting them like chicken, and eating their unhatched eggs for breakfast. Which could terrify small kids if done right.

Even while director Rian Johnson insists that Last Jedi is not a rehash of Empire Strikes Back, it must be pointed out that Empire is one of the few films in canon that shows an Earth creature, a snake on Dagobah, existing amongst all the space aliens and other weirdness. Now, here, we get a bird that one wouldn't be shocked to see on Earth. The porg isn't the only alien inhabiting Luke's planet, though. There are also caretaker aliens who look like walking squid monsters. Johnson has assured fans that they are no 'Ewok'. We're not sure what that means just yet. But you can take a look at R2 and the Porg in the sketch below, which was created by Making Star Wars.

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