It's almost time for The Last Jedi trailer to hit screens; did some of it already leak? Apparently Disney is preparing the digital trailer for shipment to all theaters starting next week, which means that the actual physical reels of trailers will be hand delivered. Leaks from the standalone Han Solo: A Star Wars Story have been abundant, there seems to be a new leak from that movie set every other day. But Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the complete opposite. Excitement is out of control amongst fans for any footage of The Last Jedi and now finally it looks like we may have a first look at Luke Skywalker's meditation rock, which has been discussed a lot over the past few months.

The alleged Last Jedi footage comes to us courtesy of Youtube creator Mike Zeroh and it's very interesting once you get past Zeroh's introduction to the video. The trailer footage appears to show Luke Skywalker levitating on his meditation rock in Ahch-To. Luke's use of the Force also appears to be lifting the rock as well while he is in a state of deep thought, maybe a nod to The Empire Strikes Back when Luke is learning to use and harness his powers. The actual footage was reportedly shot in Ireland by a sneaky fan and Zeroh's information is reportedly from a source at Pinewood Studios, where most of the upcoming movie is being shot.

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The official trailer is apparently is 2 minutes and 48 seconds and will show Luke Skywalker talking as opposed to the teaser where you only hear his voice. Elsewhere in the trailer Zeroh explains that we will see new Resistance bombers fighting with TIE Fighters while some Resistance bombers get blown to smithereens over an unknown planet. If this is true, it could mean a pretty dark movie, which is not at all a bad thing, but might lead fans to speculate about similarities between The Last Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back. Both movies have "the" in the title! They're both dark!

Zeroh is definitely pumped on the magical aspect of Luke Skywalker, he points this out a few times in the video how excited he is at the chance of seeing a fully magical Skywalker. In addition to the trailer information, Zeroh also offered ideas about how the shot of Skywalker levitating might be handled in the post-production process. Again, this is all speculation, so take it with a grain of salt. Zeroh says that "Close-up shots of the rock levitating will be practical but long distance shots will feature CGI overlaying" and that it will utilize a modified version of John Williams' Binary Sunset Theme from A New Hope. This could suggest that Luke may be up on that rock reflecting on his past.

While this footage is exciting, nothing official has come out about Luke Skywalker levitating and his motivations for doing so. It should also be reiterated that we do not know for certain if the trailer will arrive in theaters next week, but we will find out soon enough. You can check out the videos of the footage below and come up with your own conclusions.