It's long been suspected that Luke Skywalker will be the secondary lead character in Star Wars: Episode VIII. While he only got one minute of screen time in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, that will all change with this next chapter in the Skywalker saga. The Master Jedi is back, and he will be more powerful than ever before. In fact, a new rumor claims that he will be taking on a few deadly assailants all at once in a cool ode to classic Kung Fu movies. Do we even need to warn you that the rest of this story is filled with Spoilers?

Yes, a major fight scene has been revealed from Star Wars 8. And while this latest report comes from TrailerAddict as an unconfirmed rumor, it is backed up by numerous sources that were near the set watching it all go down. This isn't the first time we've heard this particular scene described. Today, we get more detail about what actually went down between Luke Skywalker and The Knights of Ren, a scene that has been hinted at before.

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Apparently, Luke Skywalker will be making up for lost time in Star Wars 8. While in seclusion on the planet Ahch-To, he has perfected and honed some new Jedi powers that fans have never seen on the big screen before. It has long been rumored that Luke will serve as Rey's Yoda, training her in the ways of the Jedi. But unlike Yoda near his final days on Dagobah, Luke still has a lot of fight in him. And though he may be an old man, he is ready to kick a lot of ass in a major way.

One of the new details of this previously hinted at rumor is that there was a lot of wire work involved in this particular fight scene. And it is likely that this is the key action set piece that Mark Hamill hinted at in a recent interview. The scene in question finds Luke Skywalker and Rey still on Ach-To at sunset. Rain begins to fall. Rey has her haired pulled back, and she is no longer wearing the vest she was last scene in during the closing moments of The Force Awakens. Luke is wearing his traditional Jedi robes.

Here, Kylo Ren arrives with his Knights of Ren in tow. They are trudging up the coastline of this secluded planet. Kylo has left his mask behind, to face the Jedi Master and his new pupil as Ben Solo. He brandishes his signature red cross-guard saber, initiating a fight. Rey takes him head on in what is suspected to be the first of two separate lighstsaber battles. As we've learned in previous reports, it is confirmed that the pair will be fighting along a steep cliff face overlooking the water as night falls over the lush green planet.

It is here that the entire band of Knights go after the lone Luke Skywalker. Luke engages the various Rens on a beach, elsewhere Kylo is striving to literally kill Rey, not just engage her to take her elsewhere. He is out for blood and revenge. During Skywalker's fight, he is attacked by a Knight who is said to be wielding an axe. Luke pushes this Ren to his death using the Force, throwing him in the air a great distance. He then ignites his signature green lightsaber last seen in Return of the Jedi, killing another Knight.

Swift and easy, Luke Skywalker moves through the Knights of Ren, killing them one-by-one. All the while, Rey and Kylo have advanced their battle up the side of the cliff. It is here that Rey suddenly disappears. It is not clear what happened to her. She has fallen. But was it off the cliff? Or is she just wounded? That will not be revealed until the movie hits the big screen.

Luke Skywalker does notice that Rey has been taken down. He casually walks towards Kylo Ren, ready to dispatch his nephew once and for all. But Ben Solo is obviously very scared of his Uncle Luke and the power he has acquired since last seeing him. Knowing he can't fight his mother's brother, Ben retreats alone, all of his Knights having been killed off. He heads back to Snoke.

Luke Skywalker will be a major badass in Star Wars 8. And this scene hints that Kylo Ren and his Uncle will fight at some point in the future. Will Kylo finally finish his training? It has been heavily rumored that Rey will be swayed to the Dark Side, and that Kylo and Luke will have to team up to defeat her, and save her from the same fate that consumed Darth Vader. Episode VIII is currently in post-production, and the first trailer is expected to arrive this December with the release of the first Star Wars spin-off Rogue One in theaters.