Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out just seven short months ago, but we are all already looking ahead to the seemingly bright future of the franchise, now under Disney's control. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is due out this December, but we all have burning questions we want answered, and that is why we are all very much looking forward to Star Wars: Episode VIII next year. The wait is still long, we just got that much closer to the movie become a reality as both Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill have finished shooting.

Both actors took to their personal Instagram accounts to confirm that they have indeed completed their respective duties, as far as principal photography for Episode VIII is concerned. We had suspected that Hamill was very close to finished, as he teased on Twitter last week that he had finally shaved his "contractually obligated beard," which he has joked about plenty of times in the past. Here is what he had to say in his latest post.

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"Saying goodbye is hard when you've had the time of your life. I can't thank the cast and crew enough, I couldn't have done it without you. Loads of love, mh #StarWars #EpVIII #WrapParty"

Hamill had reported via his Twitter account recently that production on Episode VIII was set to wrap entirely on July 22, but it looks like the bulk of the main cast must be done filming, as his Instagram post indicates that they have already had a wrap party. Daisy Ridley decided to post a pretty great picture of herself holding Luke Skywalker's lightsaber at the end of The Force Awakens to accompany her post announcing she had finished her part on Episode VIII. Here is what she had to say.

"And that is a wrap on Star Wars Episode VIII. My heart is brimming. #reyout"

Director Rian Johnson will supposedly be filming for a little bit longer until the production finishes up on July 22. There is also the small possibility that they are ahead of schedule and will wrap early, but that is very unlikely on a production of this size and Disney as well as Johnson would likely find a way to make use of the time. John Boyega and Anthony Daniels have also wrapped their parts on the movie recently, so it seems like most of the central characters are nearly done. The production has filmed at various locations throughout the world, including Ireland, Croatia and Pinewood Studios in England, which has sort of become Lucasfilm's main headquarters.

Rian Johnson is scheduled to make an appearance at the Future Filmmakers Panel, which will be closing out Star Wars Celebration London on Sunday this weekend. That being the case, and with production so close to complete, don't at all be surprised if we finally get a title for Star Wars 8, and maybe even some footage. You can check out Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill's Instagram posts below, and be sure to stay tuned for all of our Star Wars celebration coverage this weekend.

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Ryan Scott