Most Star Wars fans with a Twitter account very likely follow Mark Hamill, not only because he is Luke Skywalker, but because he is endlessly entertaining. Not only is he very active, but he is downright hilarious and friendly with the fanbase. Aside from that, he is also pretty good at dropping hints about future projects, like Star Wars: Episode VIII by saying almost nothing at all, or straight up messing with people. It looks like we may have just gotten another one of those hints.

Hamill took to his Twitter account over the 4th of July weekend to post a photo of himself reading Jeffrey Brown's Star Wars inspired kids book, Darth Vader and Son. Someone was kind enough to send Hamill the deluxe box set for the book and he wanted to thank them, but didn't have the person's name, so this was his way of reaching out. He is completely hiding his face, except for his eyes with the book, and there may very well be a good reason for that. It looks like he has already shaved off his Jedi beard.

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It was recently revealed by Hamill, also on Twitter, that production on Star Wars 8 is set to wrap production on July 22. That means there is a little more than two weeks left of shooting for Rian Johnson's follow up to J.J. Abrams' The Force Awakens. The shaving of the beard is relatively significant in that it does truly signify that production is nearing an end, and that Hamill could very well be mostly done with his work on the movie. It is also possible that he will have to shoot some scenes without the beard, and they saved those for the end of production, and that is why he shaved it now. Either way, it means we are getting that much closer to Episode VIII becoming a real thing.

Mark Hamill pretty famously had literally no dialogue in The Force Awakens and was only onscreen for a hot second at the very end of the movie. His character ark has led him to being something of a hermit, and as such, shaving didn't appear to be a priority for Luke, and he was sporting a very impressive Jedi beard at the end of the movie. We know that Johnson filmed a chunk of Episode VIII on Skellig Island in Ireland, where the last scene in The Force Awakens was filmed. So it seems likely that Episode VIII will pick up right where Episode VII left off, thus, Hamill had to rock a beard. So, the fact that it looks to be shaved now is telling.

Over the course of filming for Star Wars Episode VIII, Hamill has joked a lot about the saga of his beard and that he was very much looking forward to shaving it. As with Rogue One, it is very likely that Episode VIII will undergo reshoots at some point, so he will likely have to grow it back at one point when the reshoots get scheduled. Star Wars Episode VIII is scheduled for release on December 15, 2017. Be sure to check out Hamill's Tweets below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott