The release of Star Wars: Episode VIII is still more than a year away, but the movie may already be undergoing its first round of reshoots. We should probably start out by saying that this is nothing to be concerned about, but since Rian Johnson recently wrapped principal photography on the follow-up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it is definitely something to take note of. While the studio hasn't said anything about reshoots yet, there are some pretty significant clues that lead us to believe some additional filming has already taken place and that there is definitely more happening in the near future.

The folks over at the Star Wars fan site Star Wars News Net were able to put together the pieces of the puzzle that definitely indicate reshoots for Star Wars 8 are happening very soon, if they haven't already. Firstly, stunt performer Chloe Bruce, who worked on Star Wars: The Force Awakens and has also been working on Star Wars Episode VIII, tweeted some updates in late August and early September that indicated she was doing some more work on the movie. She tweeted that she had traveled from Belfast to London, both locations linked to Star Wars, as well as talking about night shoots in Croatia in early September, another Episode VIII filming location.

"Nightshoots I hate you ... Unless in Croatia #bodyclockisscrewed"

It is possible that these shoots were unrelated to Star Wars Episode VIII, but given the pattern of locations all being tied to the movie, it seems likely that they were. Even so, they were probably some simple pickup shots and aren't anything to give any cause for concern. Also not necessarily concerning but perhaps a more notable clue relates to Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher. She is scheduled to appear at the upcoming New York Comic Con and while she didn't cancel altogether, she did have to cut her visit short. The New York Comic Con Instagram account made the announcement, saying that it was related to production on a Star Wars movie.

We're sorry to announce that due to #StarWars production, Carrie Fisher will only be at #NYCC on Sunday.

Unless production has already started on Star Wars Episode IX, which is very unlikely, it seems certain that the production NYCC was referring to is Star Wars Episode VIII. So, Carrie Fisher very well could be doing some additional scenes for the movie. These could either be things that couldn't be shot during principal photography, or things that the studio realized they needed after looking at a rough cut of the movie. We don't know exactly how far along in the editing process Rian Johnson is, but we do know that John Williams is already getting ready to work on the score, so a rough cut is either very close to being done, or may already be done.

The last little clue we have that Star Wars Episode VIII is going to undergo some form of reshoots has to do with Lupita Nyong'o's comments that she has yet to film her scenes for the movie. Unless Maz Kanata was cut from the movie, again unlikely, those scenes will need to be picked up at some point. It is very likely in her case that it was a potential scheduling conflict, as she has been working on a lot of other projects recently, like the upcoming Queen of Katwe.

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There has been a lot of talk surrounding the reshoots that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story recently underwent. So, some people may freak out when they hear anything related to reshoots on Star Wars: Episode VIII. This is a very different situation and doesn't seem to represent any red flags. There is still plenty of time before the movie comes out and though it seems like reshoots are going to happen, it very much seems to be according to plan. But don't be surprised if several months from now we hear about more substantial reshoots taking place. Now, if we could just get a title reveal, all would be right in the galaxy. Star Wars Episode VIII is set to hit theaters on December 15, 2017.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott