Many fans are very worried that Star Wars 8 will follow in the same footsteps as The Force Awakens, and be a complete rehash, but this time of The Empire Strikes Back instead of A New Hope. Director Rian Johnson has flat out denied that his movie will be similar to the second installment of the original trilogy, but there have been a number of similarities that are already starting to surface ahead of the movie's December premiere. However, author of a new book that predicts the outcomes of Star Wars movies may have just revealed the biggest similarity to The Empire Strikes Back yet by claiming that Rey will lose a limb in The Last Jedi just like Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker before her.

The Daily Mail U.K. recently sat down with author Tomas Pueyo, who wrote The Star Wars Rings: The Hidden Structure Behind the Story. Pueyo is a big Star Wars fan going back to A New Hope when his dad snuck him out of school to see the movie in the theater and he claims that all Star Wars movies have narrative patterns that can be used to determine what will happen next in The Last Jedi ahead of the release of the movie.

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Pueyo's major prediction for The Last Jedi is that Rey will get into a fight with Luke Skywalker and lose a limb, just like The Empire Strikes Back when Darth Vader severs Luke's arm. Pueyo had this to say.

" Limb cutting happens all the time in all the Star Wars movies, but in second movie of each trilogy, limbs are cut from ring characters. For example, at the end of episode 2, Anakin loses his hand to Count Dooku, and at the end of episode 4, Luke loses his forearm to Darth Vader. It's a pattern now, so it's possible Rey will lose a limb by the end of The Last Jedi."

This is complete speculation on Pueyo's part, but he does bring up an interesting theory, especially when one takes into account the other similarities between The Last Jedi and Empire. Rian Johnson has said himself that the movie shares structural parallels.

Luke spent a good portion of The Empire Strikes Back doing Force training with Yoda on Dagobah, much like what Rey is up to on Ahch-To with Skywalker with a bunch of sea bird things called Porgs. Finn and Rose will visit a new place, Canto Bight to meet up with DJ, which is pretty similar to Han Solo and Princess Leia heading out to Cloud City to meet up with Lando. DJ's intentions are questionable just like Lando's were in Empire as well.

If Pueyo's theories stand to be true, we could very well be looking at a movie very similar to The Empire Strikes Back with Rey losing a limb. Maybe she'll lose a leg instead of an arm, just to differentiate between the two movies. It should be noted that some of Pueyo's theories are a bit obvious, but he also throws out that Kylo Ren and Rey could be twins and that Rey falls into a trap in the new movie. Let's go ahead and take these theories with a giant boulder of salt and pray that Rey does not lose a limb in The Last Jedi.