Some believe that Luke Skywalker is responsible for dropping Rey off on Jakku, where she spent her childhood growing up under the watchful eye of disgruntled trader Unkar Plutt, played by Simon Pegg. Now, a Topps trading card is disproving that theory. And it also shows how Jedi Master Luke Skywalker arrived on his exile planet of Ahch-To, where he is discovered to be hiding at the end of The Force Awakens.

Right before Force Friday 2 got underway, director Rian Johnson claimed that none of the new merchandise would spoil any major plot elements for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Guess his team didn't alert him to the Topps trading card set that would usher in the next chapter of the Skywalker saga. Right before Force Friday hit stores, a Topps checklist was released, and the cards for Star Wars 8 gave away some major plot points as they happen in the movie. Now, an actual card has arrived. And it's pretty cool. Also, taking a closer look, it serves as a spoiler itself. One that could be quite major as MoviePilot points out.

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The art on this particular card seems to disprove a very popular Rey fan theory that has remained a mystery. But there always seemed to be sufficient evidence to back up this particular claim. The card in question depicts a scene set during Rey's Jedi training on Ahch-To under the watchful eye of Luke Skywalker. She is looking over the cliffs of this ocean planet, where Luke's X-Wing is clearly seen sunk beneath the waves. What is an X-Wing doing there on Ahch-To? The only logical explanation is the ship was used by Luke to reach his destination. And just like when he arrived on Dagobah in Empire Strikes Back, he did not land it in the best of places.

Luke apparently left his X-Wing submerged as he took his exile at the ancient Jedi temple, feeling no need to retrieve his ship from the ocean. While the director has stated time and again that Last Jedi is more than a Empire Strikes Back retread, it's not hard to guess that we'll probably see a scene in Star Wars 8 that is similar to the one where Yoda used the force to pull Luke's X-Wing from the swamp. It's possible that Rey will have to rise the ship from its watery grave in homage to that classic movie.

The real take away here, though, is that most fans assumed Luke Skywalker was the one who abandoned Rey on Jakku before setting course for Ahch-To. As the theory goes, Luke took young Rey to Lor San Tekka, who was a member of the ancient sect known as the Church of the Force. And that in doing so, Tekka traded Luke with clues to find the Jedi temple on Ahch-To. From here, Luke jetted off to the water world.

That makes sense. Especially since it was Lor San who gave Poe the clue the Resistance needed in finding Luke at the beginning of The Force Awakens. But now that theory apparently doesn't work at all. Because the ship we saw leaving Rey was clearly not an X-Wing, as seen in Rey's Forceback after she touched her lightsaber. And let's not forget that who ever abandoned Rey left her in the grimy mitts of Unkar Plutt. We're supposed to believe that Luke was in such a hurry that he would abandoned Rey in such a manner, yet he had time to switch ships?

None of this has been clearly explained by the movies. And as it stands, this Topps card is just a cool piece of art from the upcoming sequel. But it's an official piece of art. And it wasn't just dreamed up on the sly. We know for a fact that Luke Skywalker arrived at Ahch-To in his trusty old X-Wing fighter. But now, it appears that one of the most popular Star Wars fan theories is completely wrong. Perhaps Luke paid someone to drop Rey off while he sped away on his own, outside of having to say good-bye to the girl, as to not imprint his being on her. You can take a look at the art here.

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