One of the cooler moments of the already cool Star Wars portion of the D23 Expo Live Action panel came about when Benicio Del Toro took to the stage to join the rest of the cast. The teaser of behind-the-scenes footage that was shown gave a tiny little glimpse of Del Toro on set, but that was about it. There's still a lot of information that is unclear about the actor's part in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, apart from his unnamed character being referred to as DJ, (which many speculate means Dark Jedi, and that he is actually playing Ezra from Star Wars Rebels). In a new interview Del Toro carefully reveals as much as he can about his participation in the movie and how he came on board in the first place.

The brief video interview comes to us via Variety's official Twitter account. Variety was able to catch him on the red carpet for the D23 Expo, where he talked about being invited to join the cast of The Last Jedi, kinda, sorta. Watching the video you can see the actor choosing his words very carefully in an effort not to give anything away. Del Toro had this to say.

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"Rian Johnson, the director contacted me and he said he wanted to send me the script... I think we met and we talked a little bit about... being an actor, you know, what actors do and we talked a little about that."

Benicio Del Toro went onto talk about the secure script that he received, mentioning that it came on an iPad with a secret code, and talked about agreeing to do the project and getting that "Star Wars high." Again, the actor is choosing his words very carefully, and he almost looks uncomfortable talking about the project. In other words, Del Toro might not be the greatest poker player in the world. He explains.

"I read the script, the script came in an Ipad with a code. Very secret... and I read it and I just... I mean I was half way through the script... I don't even think my character had popped in yet and I was already "I wanna do this," you know? I mean, it's like Star Wars, so it's a big deal. So I'm kinda excited to see the film and maybe be a part of it, you know? And get that whole high, that Star Wars high."

During the D23 Live Action panel, Del Toro mentioned that he saw A New Hope in the theaters when he was 10-years old, while standing next to the rest of the cast on stage. Laura Dern mentioned that she had to reminded all of the time to stop saying "pew pew" while firing a blaster. The new behind-the-scenes featurette made its debut and showed some amazing sights with a ton of new aliens and characters, some of which are on the cute and cuddly side and some are a little more on the sinister looking side.

So it appears that Benicio Del Toro is just as excited as we all are to see the complete movie, which of course is a good thing. It was also cool to see him so excited to be a part of the Star Wars universe. It's also safe to say that his character doesn't pop up until the second act of the movie as the actor said he was half way through the script and he hadn't seen his character's name yet. Luckily for Del Toro and us the wait isn't much longer. Check out the brief interview with Benicio Del Toro below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick