Some of the Star Wars: Episode VIII cast has officially left Pinewood Studios in London and has been filming on the streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia since Friday. While we have yet to see any of the main cast members, new set photos have arrived today that reveal quite a few new aliens and other costumed characters. And we get to see part of the Landspeeder crash that was previously rumored. Not to mention a crazy looking 'space horse'.

As you can see in the below photos, a landspeeder has interrupted some sort of formal party that is being visited by alien and humanoid-looking creatures alike. We're not sure what is going on in these photos, but it was previously rumored that this location was the new home for Maz Kanata's castle and Cantina. The amount of alien life forms on display hint that this could possibly be true. It's also being rumored that this location is a stand-in for Han Solo's home world of Corellia.

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Perhaps the coolest and creepiest of these new behind-the-scenes images is of a 'space horse'. It's obviously going to be the Tauntaun of Star Wars: Episode VIII. The photo in question reportedly shows John Boyega's Finn stunt double with Kelly Marie Tran's new character riding on the back of this mount. We have no idea what this creature is called yet, but it looks pretty cool. And once again, we get to see how practical effects are being used on set to create a much more realistic world.

Star Wars: Episode VIII has also been filming on the Ocean cruiser the Sea Star, with scenes taking place on the beach. This will be the first-ever Star Wars movie to have action set against the waves. Making Star Wars have this report from the location.

"As the Star Wars crew waits for wind to calm, here are some quite interesting photographs caught by our Grgo Jelavić. They depict what obviously seems a socialization sequence preparation aboard the Sea Star in the Gruž harbor, and if you look a bit closer, you'll easily notice a refined table designed spotted on Stradun: this time, however, the conical tables appear to be silver-and-gold painted, instead of a previous predominantly bronze nuance. The senatorial crowd is still present, as is the giant green screen as a backdrop...Moreover, your readers should remember that we've already mentioned the Asian-Americans among the dignitaries as well: here's a proof, and the guy appears to check a silver-and-azure (aquatic?) two-seat speeder on the photograph enclosed. Our sources claim it's the same vehicle that was tarped and transported to the Banje beach before..."

While we've included some of the set photos below, TMZ has over 30 images that show this Dignitary Ball in procession. We still don't have a confirmation as to which actors are shooting scenes. It was previously stated that Benicio Del Toro's as yet unidentified character was appearing alongside Carrie Fisher as General Leia. Earlier reports claimed that Daisy Ridley's Rey and Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker would also be present. It was later said that Daisy Ridley would not be heading to Croatia. As we see Finn and another new female character on the space horse, this sounds like it is accurate, since Finn and Rey will be split up for a big portion of the movie, much in the same way that Luke was separated from Han and Leia in Empire. Take a look at these latest photos and let us know what you think.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange