Production on director Rian Johnson's Star Wars: Episode VIII is very near the end of production. Thanks to a Tweet from Mark Hamill over the 4th of July weekend, we now know that filming is set to wrap on July 22, so we are sure to be getting details and teases sprinkling out starting in August. For right now, we are just going to have to settle for this brand new set video of Luke Skywalker doing some Jedi stuff.

The video was uploaded to the ian57812 YouTube channel. As it turns out ian57812 isn't exactly a big timer as far as YouTube subscribers go, so the video went almost entirely unnoticed for more than a month, but it is just now starting to make the rounds. That being the case, we actually have a few sparse, interesting, and potentially spoilery details about the video. Proceed with caution if you want to know absolutely nothing going into Star Wars 8.

The video takes place in an area that seems to resemble the landscape of the planet that was featured at the end of The Force Awakens when Rey finally finds Luke and gives him the very little bit of screen time he got in that movie. We know that Johnson did additional filming in that location and in other locations around Ireland, so it is very possible that the video could be from the same setting, as far as the movie is concerned. If that is the case, it has been heavily speculated, and referenced by Han Solo in Episode VII, that the place Rey meets Luke is in fact the location of the original Jedi temple. It is assumed that is where Rey will be receiving her Jedi training.

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As for what Hamill is doing? Well, it isn't exactly a very action packed video, but we do get to see him looking off into the distance, reportedly meditating, on what has been reportedly called "The Meditation Rock." That is how it was referred to in the YouTube video description and supposedly by members of the crew. The scenery and shot seems to resemble a piece of concept art that had been floating around, which may be included as part of some sort of Force dream, but that is purely speculative. The fan site Making Star Wars is speculating that the meditation scene will feature Luke dreaming of his home planet of Tatooine, and given his pose in the set video, it is very reminiscent of the classic scene of Luke looking off in the distance from A New Hope.

Things have been heavily guarded on the set of Star Wars Episode VIII, so the fact that this video even exists and hasn't been taken down is surprising. It would be good to watch it as soon as possible, because Disney could come knocking and demand it be removed. That said, we do have a much more official image, which comes direct from star Daisy Ridley's own Instagram. And with the reveals she teasingly asks the question.

""oooooh la laaaaaa, where could it be, what could it mean!"

The image the actress has shared appears to be Luke's secret hideaway planet of Ahch-To, which was shot on location at Ireland's Skellig Michael isle with some of the Jedi Temple recreated on sets housed at Pinewood studios in England. It is believed that Rey will undergo her Jedi training at this location, but that has not been confirmed in an official synopsis yet. While we await some big announcements to drop during Star Wars Celebration next weekend and at Comic-Con the weekend following, take a look at what is believed to be Luke's meditation rock and the planet of Ahch-To. Star Wars Episode VIII is set for a December 15, 2017 release.

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