A new BB-8 play set comes with a Supreme Leader Snoke action figure as well as one of his Praetorian guards and it reveals something pretty interesting about Snoke's height. The Force Awakens only showed the Supreme Leader as a massive hologram leading many to speculate about his height and whether or not he's human or something else entirely. Promotional materials for Star Wars: The Last Jedi are starting to leak and over the past few weeks we have seen what Snoke looks like and even what he's wearing, but we have not been able to properly gauge his height until now.

StarWarsNewsNet found the image of the BB-8 play set, and much like the old school toys, the oversized BB-8 unfolds to turn into the First Order throne room. The deluxe edition of the set contains a Praetorian guard and a Supreme Leader Snoke action figure, which is pretty neat. But the set provides our first real look at Snoke's body and he appears to be super tall, like significantly taller than a normal human being. Snoke is wearing a large robe and could still be very short and standing on the shoulders of Ewok slaves, but that isn't clear from the pictures of the toys.

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Snoke is definitely not human, that is for sure. He is not Luke Skywalker or Yoda. He's definitely not Boba Fett or Emperor Palpatine unless Palpatine started making non-human clones of himself, which could be the case, but it looks doubtful. He seriously looks like he could be a shaved Wookie. So just what exactly is Snoke? Well, all we can do now is rule out that he/it is not human, which is still pretty big, but it does lead to a lot of questions.

While the play set pictures on the box probably do not represent an actual scene in the movie, it is a curious choice of a toy set to be made and sold, which leads one to believe that it will be shown prominently in the movie. Perhaps Rey visits to rescue Finn and Rose, confronting Snoke and Kylo Ren in the process. Maybe we'll get to see a Luke Skywalker vs. Snoke battle. At this point it is just too early to tell, but we now know that Snoke is definitely not human, settling many arguments while igniting a whole bunch of new arguments.

Though The Last Jedi is only a couple of months away, there are plenty of secrets that Disney and Lucasfilm are doing a tremendous job of hiding from all of us. The BB-8 play set opens up and it looks very similar to the layout of the Death Star with the same looking windows and black flooring. Snoke's hideout could very well end up being some kind of Death Star-like base, but it is still too early to tell. For now we're just left with some more questions: What the hell is Snoke and what is his base? Check out the images below and judge for yourself. Snoke is either really short and standing on stilts or he's a giant being from some unknown galaxy.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick