Bombs in space! That's the subject of our latest sneak peek at Star Wars: Episode VIII. And if you don't like SPOILERS, we suggest you stop reading right now. As this latest news brings a look at one of the action scenes in this anticipated Star Wars sequel.

As we know, John Boyega will be returning in Star Wars 8 alongside newcomer Kelly Marie Tran. The two characters have been confirmed to be paired off, on a separate adventure while Poe Dameron is being pursued by Kylo Ren and Rey is finishing her Jedi training with Master Luke Skywalker. It's not quite clear what Finn and his newfound friend are up to in Episode VIII, but at one point they will gallop across a swanky party on the back of what has been described as a space horse. But before that happens, it sounds like they will be planting bombs in space to take out a few First Order troops.

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This latest news comes from Making Star Wars, who are usually pretty spot on with their leaks and rumors. This scene in question was shot this past May at Pinewood Studios. The Space Bomb action scene included the use of green screen, a CGI crowd and rig removal. It also featured burning embers, smoke, and loud explosion sound FX, all of which took place in a hanger.

Making Star Wars has a look at the space bombs in question, and they appear to be some sort of Thermal Detonator. Everything on the new Star Wars sets have code names, and these bombs belong to a group called 'The Grizzlies', presumed to be the good guys. They are going up against the 'Sugar Cubes', which is reportedly the code name for the First Order Stormtroopers.

This action scene takes place deep in space, and occurs either on a Resistance ship that is being boarded by First Order Troops, or a small band of Resistance fighters are sneaking into a First Order ship. Though, it is confirmed that explosions do go off aboard the Resistance freighter. The scene involves John Boyega's Finn and Kelly Marie Tran's unnamed character, who is seen wearing a medal. It isn't known how this prop factors into the story. There is also a Resistance technician traveling with them. And they are all forced to square off with the Stormtroopers. This is an excerpt from the script, which teases some cool props.

213: INT. 100 ACRE WOOD - HANGER Grizzly weaponry, Cast 7 medallion, handcuffs, axes & mace, debris. Grizzly associated paraphernalia (clipboards, glasses, bags, headsets, grizzly bombs / grizzly belt with bombs attached.

This action scene has 5 'Grizzlies' (Resistance Fighters) going up against 22 'Sugar Cubes'. The action is fast and furious, and apparently, 10 firemen were needed on set at all times as a percussion for any of the space bombs that got out of hand. In the script, each character is assigned a number to keep story leaks from happening.

It is unclear if John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran were on set, as there stand-ins were used for a lot of the action. Though it is said that either Finn or one of his Resistance co-works is wearing a belt adorned with these space bombs. Making Star Wars has a good look at these bombs in question. They appear to be salvaged from other props used previously in the franchise. You can headto the above link to get a better look, as we can't show you them here.