This year's Star Wars Celebration will take place at London's ExCel Centre, July 15-17, but it looks like exhibitors are already prepping the big festival, which will include the title reveal of Star Wars: Episode VIII. Video has leaked from these preparations, and they reportedly reveal that Star Wars 8 is officially titled Star Wars: Fall of the Resistance. This has not been confirmed or denied by LucasFilm and Disney.

The footage first appeared on Reddit, and features a sign that will reportedly be unveiled at some point during the big July Star Wars Celebration. It's quite possible that this is all a hoax, as we've seen happen in the past. And this also could be for some other officially licensed Star Wars tie-in. Though, this sounds like the most plausible title we've heard yet. And it falls in line with the even numbered movies having a villain themed title. Though, if you listen to the video, there are a lot of people near wherever this was shot. So why did it get dispalyed so early?

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Like The Empire Strikes Back, Fall of the Resistance hints at a darker movie than The Force Awakens. We can expect this to be confirmed or debunked fairly soon, and we probably won't have to wait until July for it to be properly announced if this is, in fact, the real title. Though, this isn't the first time we've heard a rumored title for Star Wars 8.

The most recent rumored title was Star Wars: Echoes of the Dark Side. And it began to creep up around May 4th, officially known as Star Wars Day. It was believed that the official title would be announced on that day. But the only official thing released by LucasFilm and Disney was a set image of Han Solo's blaster from the upcoming Star Wars Story revolving around the iconic space pirate. The star of that movie, Alden Ehrenreich, wasn't even announced until a few days later. Other titles that have emerged as possibilities on the Internet include Star Wars: The Order of the Dark Side and Star Wars: The Tale of The Jedi Temple. All things considered, Fall of the Resistance sounds the most plausible yet.

It's interesting to note that the possible title of Star Wars 8 will be revealed during Star Wars Celebration, which is happening pretty close to Comic-Con. It has already been confirmed that, in terms of movies, this year's celebration will be used to promote the first ever Star Wars spinoff Rogue One, with director Gareth Edwards in attendance. That movie is getting its own special panel with special guests. And will likely be live-streamed around the world. While we await for confirmation on the title, take a look at this video.


B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange