The ongoing Star Wars drama continues, as fans respond to the various revelations that have come from The Rise of Skywalker novelization with an almost unanimous grumble. Star Wars fans have been calling out for answers to the several plot holes that were left gaping by the end of director JJ Abrams' finale, but now, they probably wish they had never asked.

"At this point, honestly, I just want to stop thinking about Rise of Skywalker, but dumb stuff keeps making headlines that I can't seem to escape."
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Oh, dear. No doubt this particular fan's feelings towards the continuous announcements and disclosures courtesy of The Rise of Skywalker novelization are shared by many. Those who aligned themselves as 'Reylo' supporters began the backlash when it was revealed that the kiss between our hero Rey and the atoned Ben Solo was not romantic in any way and was, in fact, platonic.

"I can't believe we out here saying that kiss was platonic. I'm gonna have another depressive episode over f***ing STAR WARS."

One of the many big reveals in the novel sheds a lot of light on how Emperor Palpatine made his return to the world of Star Wars, cloning. Though some have found some closure, a lot of fans have continued to question exactly how him being a clone makes things any easier to comprehend.

"Okay, so she really IS a nobody!?! And if your grandfather is a "FAILED CLONE", wouldn't that make any offspring of his uhmm..unstable? I'm so confused."

There was also the recent reveal that not only was Palpatine a clone but that Rey's father was none other than a failed clone. Which makes her the offspring of a failed clone. When you put it like that it does all seem a tad over-complicated. Still, it could have been an interesting element had it been included in the movie everybody saw. Nevermind. Others have queried why exactly he would choose to continue to look like a decrepit, pale corpse rather than something more akin to The Rock.

"In the Rise of Skywalker novel, they explain that Palpatine is a clone holding the Empire's spirit. Well! That's fucking stupid! Why choose such a weak decrepit body when you could be jacked!?? #starwars #igiveup #toomanycooks."

The Rise of Skywalker left many very disappointed with how the Skywalker saga ended, even killing the enjoyment of the prequel trilogy for some, and for others their enjoyment of everything Star Wars.

"tbh tros left me so hollow and numb towards everything canon star wars that even if they've written totally different story in novelization, let Ben live, give him and Rey HEA, erased that dumb Poe's backstory and finally created some good plot for Finn I couldn't CARE LESS."

Surprisingly though, some have managed to find the good in the novelization, with some fans even declaring that it manages to make the movie better by giving everything further context and detail.

"Folks, this adaptation is indeed the good shit. Even if you've seen those snippets and "news" articles, the context added makes it more than worth picking up. I enjoyed the film (even with its flaws), but I suspect I'm going to love it even more thanks to this novel. #StarWars."

Finally, it would not be modern-day Star Wars without some mention of the adorable Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian.

"BREAKING: STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER novelization confirms the entirety of THE RISE OF SKYWALKER was a dream inside Baby Yoda's head, actual RISE OF SKYWALKER set to film next summer. "Ha ha, we got your asses GOOD," writes JJ Abrams in the novel's afterword."

The reveals are no doubt bound to keep coming as more story beats that were bizarrely left out of the movie continue to hit the internet. It would not be Star Wars without some sort of controversy splitting the fan base, and The Rise of Skywalker is well on its way to being the most polarizing of the lot.

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