Last month, Star Wars 9 director/co-writer J.J. Abrams confirms that the script for this final installment of the new trilogy has been completed, and while no story details have been given, John Boyega offered some interesting details. During a recent conference call interview with the actor that took place at Awesome Con, John Boyega confirmed that he will start filming in July, revealing that this trilogy finale will be an all out war. Here's what the actor had to say, explaining that he's about to go on vacation before he starts training for Star Wars 9.

"Next for me filming wise is Star Wars: Episode IX in July, and they've officially given us a note to start training soon. I'm going to take a holiday before that, because I think Episode IX you know, regardless of where the story goes, and I haven't read it by the way, is going to be all out war so I know that I'm going to have to do all I can and train for that."

Since the script has been done for a month, it's interesting that John Boyega hasn't read it yet, and it remains to be seen when the actors will get to read the script. It's possible that the first time the cast will get to see the script is during a table read with all of the actors together, but that has yet to be confirmed. When asked if he's had moments of self-doubt while portraying Finn, and if he ever channels those feelings into his performance, Boyega had this to say.

"Definitely, you feel the pressure when it comes to any role, but with The Force Awakens we had so much time auditioning that the role was already built up, that by the time I got to the fourth or fifth audition, I felt like I knew who Finn was, I felt like I knew how I was going to perform him exactly. So by the time of principal photography, you know exactly where the character is going to go, and so being so heavily involved, especially with J.J. bringing us in and being able to discuss, and rehearse, it makes for an easier transition going from myself to a character like Finn."

John Boyega's Finn is part of the trio of main characters fans have followed throughout this new trilogy, along with Daisy Ridley's Rey and Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron. While Oscar Isaac was an established actor long before his Star Wars role, Daisy Ridley was a virtual unknown and John Boyega only had a handful of credits to his name, including the British creature feature Attack the Block. As fans have seen time and time again, John Boyega is a true fan of the franchise, revealing that he loves getting into long discussions about the series whenever he meets passionate fans. Here's what he had to say when asked what sticks out in his interactions with Star Wars fans.

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"Yeah! One thing that stands out is that I am not pretending to like Star Wars. It has been a part of my life for a very long time, I love getting into discussions with fans when I meet them, so that element to me, that's what really makes it a dream. I grew up on The Force Unleashed video games, I read the expanded universe books, I've done all of that so to be able to discuss that with them and to tell them how it feels as a genuine fan is a cool thing!"

The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams returns to the helm for Star Wars 9, after LucasFilm fired longtime director Colin Trevorrow, who had been developing the script for over two years with his writing partner Derek Connolly. When Abrams came back, he brought Argo, Batman v. Superman and Justice League writer Chris Terrio along to co-write the script, with the director calling his co-writer a "genius" last month. Star Wars News Net also reports that they tried to ask Boyega who he'd like to see direct a new Star Wars movie, but his representatives shot down that question.