It has been a very emotional ride for Star Wars fans ever since Carrie Fisher passed away. The world was really caught off guard by the whole thing and, just as much as the fans have had to react to her loss, Lucasfilm has had to as well. Though, they have to deal with things in an unfortunate and more practical way. With Star Wars 9 still happening, the show must go on without Princess Leia, and that has not been easy for director Colin Trevorrow.

The director recently spoke with Cinemablend in order to promote his upcoming movie, The Book of Henry. During the conversation, he was asked about having to press on with Star Wars 9 without Carrie Fisher, since she was originally going to be a huge part of the movie. Here's what he had to say about it.

"She was a major character, that's not a secret. She really was. And it was extremely sad for all of us, mostly just because she was so loved by the Star Wars family and everyone that worked with her. I feel like our options are limited mostly by ourselves, in that there is only certain things that we are willing to do. But I can guarantee it will be handled with love and respect, and all of the soul that Carrie Fisher deserves."

It has been said previously, but Colin Trevorrow reiterates here that Princess Leia was originally going to be a big part of Star Wars 9. He mentions that their options in terms of how to deal with it are limited, and a lot of that seemingly has to do with he and Lucasfilm wanting to remain respectful to Carrie Fisher's legacy. It has already been promised that they will not be using CGI to recreate Leia, like was done with Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It was also said at one point that they were possibly going to repurpose some unused footage shot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but that isn't going to happen either. So options are limited. This sadness is all compounded by the fact that Carrie Fisher wanted Star Wars 9 to be her movie, as explained by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy in Vanity Fair's recent Star Wars: The Last Jedi preview.

"The minute she finished, she grabbed me and said, 'I'd better be at the forefront of IX!' Because Harrison was front and center on VII, and Mark is front and center on VIII. She thought IX would be her movie. And it would have been."

It is tough to speculate about how Princess Leia is going to be handled in Star Wars 9 since we don't even really know all that much about what happens in Star Wars 8. Though, it has been said that her intended role in that movie has not been changed, so we know they aren't just going to kill her off. Either way, it sounds like Colin Trevorrow and everyone working on the movie understand the gravity of the situation and are going to do their best to handle Carrie Fisher's absence and untimely passing with care.

Ryan Scott