Lucasfilm is reportedly viewing J.J. Abrams' Star Wars 9 as a "course correction" for the franchise. After the backlash from Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi and the swift release and ultimate failure of Solo at the box office, it looks like Lucasfilm is aiming to make some changes to ensure success. While Solo has been treated a lot better now that it's out on Blu-ray and seen outside of the shadow of Johnson's film, the rest of the planned spin-offs, including the Boba Fett movie have been canceled.

The box office performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story and the backlash from The Last Jedi has brought Lucasfilm back to the drawing board to look at the future of the Star Wars franchise, which leads us to J.J. Abrams' Star Wars 9. Abrams is in high-demand and other studios are eager to start working on a "mega deal" with the director for other projects. With that being said, a new report from Variety briefly touched on the current Lucasfilm situation. The report reads.

"He's (Abrams) currently working on Star Wars: Episode IX, which has been billed as a course correction at Lucasfilm after spinoff films like Solo failed to meet the label's high commercial expectations."

Star Wars 9 was always going to be a high-pressure gig, but it has been ramped up considerably over the course of a year. Colin Trevorrow was originally attached to write and direct the final installment in the new trilogy, and he worked on it for two years before being fired by Lucasfilm. This has been a common theme on the latest Lucasfilm projects with Ron Howard taking over for Phil Lord and Chris Miller on Solo and the third act of Rogue One getting reworked by Tony Gilroy at the last minute.

After Rian Johnson's incredibly divisive The Last Jedi, many hardcore fans are looking to J.J. Abrams to fix things that they feel Johnson messed up. If the new report is to believed, Lucasfilm is looking for the same thing, which is a whole new level of pressure. Abrams directed 2015's The Force Awakens, which has also been seen as divisive by fans, but even those who were vocal about their criticisms of Abrams and the Star Wars franchise are eager to see what the director cooks up after all of the dust settles.

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With that being said J.J. Abrams has already declared that the reaction to The Last Jedi will not factor into his Star Wars 9 at all. Instead, it looks like Lucasfilm is worried about the box office numbers, which should not a be a problem. One of the main factors that led to the box office failure of Solo is the fact that it was released in theaters right after The Last Jedi. Star Wars fatigue had set in, and the writing was on the wall for Lucasfilm. Star Wars 9 is hitting theaters over a year after Solo, which means that fans should be hungry for the final installment in the new trilogy. You can check out original report over at Variety.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick