Are we getting the Star Wars 9 and Frozen 2 trailers before Christmas? That may well be the case, according to a new report. For the time being, since this isn't coming from anyone related to Disney or Lucasfilm officially, it would be best not to get one's hopes up too high. That said, don't be too surprised to find out we're going to actually see a bit of what Rey and Kylo Ren will be up to in Episode IX before the year's end.

There has been a seemingly massive wave of big movie trailers coming our way this month. The new Captain Marvel trailer just arrived, Spider-Man: Far From Home and Godzilla: King of the Monsters are coming this weekend and Avengers 4 is (probably) coming sooner rather than later. But it doesn't stop there. According to this latest report, Disney has a couple more big ones up their sleeves.

"To those wondering, December is always a huge month for new trailers. If you're a Disney fan, you can look forward to the first footage from #Frozen2 and star wars episode 9 this month. Would be shocked if both aren't revealed by December 25th."

On the one hand, this may come as a bit of a surprise, but there's reason to think this could be correct. Since Solo was released in May, we're not getting a Star Wars movie this December. That means it's going to be a year and a half between big screen installments of the franchise. So, while it seemed likely that Lucasfilm would wait until Star Wars Celebration in April to unveil the first trailer for Star Wars 9, we may be getting a little teaser to whet our appetites before then.

Disney and Lucasfilm did something very similar for The Force Awakens. Since the franchise had been away for so long and excitement was at its highest point quite possibly ever, they released a brief teaser around Thanksgiving 2014, more than a year out from the movie's release, to get the hype train really moving in the right direction. Since we've got a long wait for Episode IX, and since director J.J. Abrams has already been filming for several months, it wouldn't be shocking if something similar happens as a little early Christmas gift to fans.

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It also wouldn't hurt to give some footage for the fanbase to buzz about. The Last Jedi, unfortunately, wound up being extremely divisive and left the franchise in a tough spot. Matters weren't helped any when Solo was met with a tepid take at the box office, even though the general consensus seems to be that the movie was fine, if unnecessary for many. With that, it's up to J.J. Abrams to course correct. And we may be getting our first real look at how he's doing on that front very soon. Star Wars Episode IX is set to arrive in theaters on December 20, 2019. Feel free to check out Steven Weintraub's Twitter post below.

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Ryan Scott