Keri Russell says that her Star Wars 9 character has the coolest costume. The actress was recently interviewed about the upcoming movie and obviously couldn't go into too many details, but a new poster recently leaked which may have revealed that cool costume Russell was referring to. The actress is definitely excited to be taking part in what will be the last installment of the Skywalker saga, but revealed that her 11-year old son really isn't all that impressed with her new gig in the Star Wars universe.

Stephen Colbert tried his hardest to get some Star Wars 9 spoilers out of Keri Russell, but she would not budge. When asked about the long-awaited title, Russell claims that she doesn't even know what it is, which is probably true. Colbert kept trying and the actress would not budge before saying, "I do have the coolest costume. I will say that." This is Star Wars that we're talking about and just about everybody has a pretty cool costume. However, thanks to a new leak, Russell's claims may have just been proven to be true.

Earlier this week, a new Star Wars 9 poster and character sheets were released, including the mysterious new character Zorri. It is believed that Russell is portraying Zorri after previous reports lined up with the new leak. Her suit was previously described as a "rose gold extremely fancy stormtrooper..." and the costume supposedly has "the armor split into triangles on a purple suit." Her helmet was also compared to an "Olympic cycling helmet." Well, that description also seems to be right on the money because that's what Zorri's costume looks like in the leaked promotional art.

Keri Russell wasn't lying when she said that she had a cool costume at all. With that being said, her part in Star Wars 9 is still a mystery. Her costume does look a bit like Boba Fett, so that has started some speculation, but for now, we really don't know how her character will fit into the narrative that J.J. Abrams has created. Hopefully we'll get some more information during the Star Wars Celebration next month.

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The leaked Star Wars 9 promotional art also showed off a new character named Jannah along with the Knights of Ren and the long-rumored red Stormtroopers. The Knights of Ren return is something that many Star Wars fans were hoping for in The Last Jedi, but that didn't end up happening, so there should be some excitement amongst fans to know that they're back and rumored to be the main villains in the final installment of the latest trilogy. We should have an official title and the first teaser footage in the near future. Until then, you can check out the Zorri costume below, along with the Keri Russell interview, thanks to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert's YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick