Comic books have given us a lot of extra back story on Star Wars, and the recent adaptation of The Last Jedi makes it pretty clear that Leia is not going to make it to the opening moments of Star Wars 9. While she survived her blast into space, it did more damage than was noticeable in the movie, and it's looking like Leia's death will be explained in the opening crawl of this final Force Awakens sequel. It will be this death that serves as the catalyst for Lando Calrissian's return.

Artist turned Reddit contributor magidmarvel seems to think this is the way it will all go down, at least. It has been confirmed that Billy Dee Williams will return in Star Wars 9 after having last been seen in 1983's Return of the Jedi. He's the last of the main human characters that is still alive, and perhaps he has his healthy pansexual lifestyle and open-mindedness to thank for that. This new fan theory claims Lando will learn of Leia's death and return to lead the Resistance to victory.

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Pro gambler and droid enthusiast Lando hasn't been seen in the last two Star Wars sequels, but Episode 9 will change that in a big way. One big rumor going around is that Billy Dee Williams was asked to return in The Last Jedi, but he just couldn't get his Lando groove back and he was sidelined. Now, Disney and Lucasfilm have really no other option to entice old fans back for more. So Williams is undergoing quite a lot of training and a special diet to get himself into shape.

Secrets are being held tight to J.J. Abrams vest when it comes to the storyline in Star Wars 9. Little to nothing is known about the plot. As pretty much everyone is aware, Leia was supposed to be the main character in Star Wars 9, but Carrie Fisher's passing in December 2016 has kept that idea from becoming a reality. Now it is believed that Lando will take on the arc that was meant to go to Leia, with Billy Dee Williams getting a substantial amount of screen time if he can get his acting chops back in place. When the actor was last seen at The Last Jedi premiere he was using a cane to walk, and this may be incorporated into his character. Though, that will keep him out of the action unless he's seated next to Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon during the big space battle for most of his screen time. Just like in Return of the Jedi, where he wasn't required to do much walking.

It isn't known how co-writer and returning director J.J. will explain away Leia's death, but according to the comics, it will involve complications from her fight through space. Even though Leia is force sensitive, she will not be returning as a Force Ghost, as Lucasfilm has vowed not to resurrect Carrie Fisher in CGI form. Some believe that the sequel will open with a tearful funeral for Leia held by the Resistance.

Following the Rebels' final farewell to their general, they will begin a desperate search for a new leader. This leads them to Lando. The fan theory goes onto theorize that Lando is depressed after hearing about Luke and Han's deaths. And that's not much of a stretch to image that to be true. What kind of robot loving monster would he be if he was aloof and indifferent to their double demise?

What has never been discussed in the movies yet is whether or not non-Jedi can see Force Ghosts. If Mark Hamill, who is actually starting to grow his beard back out, returns in Star Wars 9, will he get to have scenes with Billy Dee Williams? There is no evidence in this series at any point that proves anyone else besides Luke Skywalker ever saw a Force Ghost.

They showed up at the party to celebrate the victory of Endor. Sure. But wouldn't Leia have freaked out, seeing her father for the first time in ghost form? That idea has never been explored in any of the books. They are lingering out in the open, but there is no proof that Han and Lando saw these blue apparitions crashing their Stormtrooper BBQ potluck. Wouldn't they have found it odd? Sure, Han wouldn't have known Yoda, or Anakin. But he certainly would have recognized Old Ben.

This opens up all kinds of questions. If Luke does return as a Force Ghost, everything we've seen in the past movies points to only Rey and Kylo Ren being able to see him. Which causes a problem. Fans want to see the old characters interact. And once again, that doesn't look like it can happen here.

So, will Lando return to lead the Resistance in Leia's absence? Are Jedi the only ones that can see Force Ghosts? Is Mark Hamill really growing out his beard for a return to the Star Wars universe? These questions and more will only be answered when Star Wars 9 hits theater screens in December 2019. Until then we'll just have to rely on lofty fan theories and leaked secrets to get us through. These fan theories were first discussed at the questionable news site