We're just a few short days out from hopefully seeing the first Star Wars 9 footage at Celebration in Chicago, which kicks off this Friday. The big event begins with a panel devoted to this final sequel in the Skywalker saga, and it's expected that we'll finally learn the title along with a few other tantalizing details. But first, we have another story leak that comes from a somewhat trusted source (in that they've been right about a few things in the past). And it deals with romance, the force, and a very scary sounding villain of sorts that may be just a little hard on the eyes.

We've heard plenty of Star Wars 9 rumors and leaks leading up to this week's Star Wars Celebration, but so far none of them have proven true or false, as Disney and Lucasfilm are keeping a pretty tight lid on any and all information pertaining to the story. This latest tease will come as happy news for all you Reylo shippers out there, as it sounds like J.J. Abrams may have taken the bait, giving back a burgeoning relationship between light side user Rey and dark side abuser Kylo Ren. Mixed into all of this is a very scary sounding new character called The Oracle, who is said to have the power to haunt your nightmares for years to come. What, does he lick butter and eat pies while obsessing over Rose Tico in a basebment? That would certainly give me the shivers.

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There are potential Star Wars 9 spoilers ahead, so tread carefully. This supposed leak comes from Reddit user u/JediPaxis, moderator of the Star Wars Leaks subreddit. This person has come correct with accurate information in the recent past. But still, consider taking this news with a grain of Jakku sand until J.J. Abrams confirms it at Celebration this weekend.

This latest rumor claims that Star Wars 9 kicks off with Kylo Ren still caught in the midst of turmoil, as he struggles to fight between the light and dark side of the force. He can't decide which pull is strongest. Not helping matters is that he's 'in love' with Rey. And this already sounds like bad Star Wars fan fiction. Rey will attempt to mend their broken relationship, but apparently that doesn't go well.

That part of the story sounds a little suspect. Will J.J. Abrams really give us a love affair between Rey and Kylo? What does sound very much in tune with this new Disney era Star Wars is the character called The Oracle, which Kylo comes in contact with. The creature is described as an 'alien parasite'. And it sits on the head of a giant sleeping baby. Perhaps not a human baby. As seen in the movie, this will be created using a puppet or practical effect. There is a 'faithful' recreation of leaked fan art in the Reddit post. And it's something you'd expect to see in a Star Wars movie at this point. Sure, the sleeping baby sounds suspect, but if before seeing The Last Jedi, someone told you Luke Skywalker would be sucking down the deliciously warm green milk of an alien sea cow direct from its udders, would you have believed that rumor?

It isn't known if Kylo Ren seeks out The Oracle, or if he is 'summoned' to the ungodly creature. It is speculated that The Oracle lives in a new swamp type planet that we haven't seen before. Some are claiming that this could be Star Wars 9's new version of a Yoda like character. But Lovecraftian in nature.

Not much more is said about this Oracle creature. It definitely sounds like it resides on the weirder side of this universe. But as Solo showed us with some of its creations, Disney is all about getting weird with Star Wars. As it stands, there is speculation that The Oracle is just a minor character, which sounds about right. It could possibly lead to two or three important plot threads but probably won't clock much screen time.

It is stated that Kylo Ren's obsession with Rey will be much more integral to how this particular sequel's story plays out. But will J.J. Abrams really let these two fall in love, since there has already been so much made about Reylo on the Internet to begin with? Just talking about it almost feels like self parody at this point. Is that something Star Wars fans want or need as Lucasfilm wraps up the Skywalker saga forever? This latest news comes from Star Wars Leaks on Reddit. You can see the disturbing recreation of The Oracle at that link. Sorry we can't show you here.

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B. Alan Orange