Would Mark Hamill return to Star Wars if Lucasfilm wants him to? There's been a lot of discussion about the possibility of Luke Skywalker coming back for another go in Star Wars 9 following the events of The Last Jedi, but not quite as much about whether or not Hamill would even be interested. Fans need not worry though, as the actor seems like he would be happy to pick up the phone if J.J. Abrams calls.

Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi yet, but Luke Skywalker dies at the end of the movie. So there's been some understandable questions regarding Mark Hamill's future with the franchise. Specifically, most people are wondering what, if any role he's going to have in Star Wars 9. That's still up in the air, but speaking with Good Morning America recently, he was asked point blank if he would return to Star Wars. Here's what he had to say.

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"I think that's probably fair to say, yes. But who knows."

Mark Hamill spoke with GMA on St. Patrick's Day, as he was the guest of honor for a parade in Dublin, Ireland. During the parade, he was stopped and asked about returning as well and he said, "If you can't have fun making a 'Star Wars' movie, you have a serious problem!" Again, indicating that he's likely happy to return if there's a place for him in the future of the Star Wars franchise. Hamill has been a true ambassador for the franchise over the years and has a true enthusiasm for it. So fans probably aren't too surprised to hear that he is willing to come back. The actor also spoke with Radio Times this week, where he went a little more in-depth on his exit and possible return to the franchise.

"We haven't really discussed it, so it's all in JJ's hands. But you know, there's a certain sense of closure for me. JJ gave me one of the most spectacular entrances, certainly of my career, maybe in all of film history. I don't know if anybody's been talked about for two hours and then shows up for 30 seconds before the end credits roll.And what a spectacular exit Rian [Johnson, director of The Last Jedi] gave me! Now,' I said, 'can't we push this [Luke's death] off to Nine so I can have a beginning, a middle and an end?' Now I have a beginning and an end. But all things considered, especially when I thought that we would never come back at all, you know I have nothing to complain about. So whether I'm in it or not in it at all, I'm fine with Nine."

That didn't stop the always outspoken Mark Hamill from expressing his ideas on how he'd like to return in Star Wars 9, which might sounds like something out of a horror movie to some.

"Well I thought, if he's a Force Ghost I'd love to see him used in a way that hasn't been done before. I mean let's use the word ghost! That implies that it's frightening. What if he... even in some other form, I think it'd be funny... well, I don't want to give it away. I do have ideas; most of them are so terrible that they don't consider them at all! But like I say, I don't know if I am going to be back. One of the things that really informs this movie is that line, 'Forget the past; kill it if you have to.' And so far they're doing a really great job."

It's well-established in the Star Wars universe that when a Jedi dies, they're not really dead. As Luke even says in The Last Jedi, "No one's ever really gone." Yoda has been dead for years and joined Luke for one of the more memorable scenes in director Rian Johnson's contribution to the current Star Wars trilogy. So it's completely logical to assume that Luke could come back as a Force ghost, or in some other manifestation that we aren't even aware is possible yet. After all, if The Last Jedi taught us anything, it's that there's a lot about the Force we don't understand yet.

This all really comes down to J.J. Abrams, who is back in the director's chair for Star Wars: Episode IX. It's hard to imagine that Abrams wouldn't find a way to bring Luke Skywalker into this final chapter of the new trilogy. Especially since Han Solo is dead and, unfortunately, Carrie Fisher passed away, so she can't come back as Leia. It also could come down to what Abrams has in mind. Mark Hamill initially disagreed with Rian Johnson's vision and take on Luke in The Last Jedi, but has since come around. Whatever the case may be, it sounds like it wouldn't be hard to convince Hamill to come back. This news comes to us courtesy of ABC.