It has been heavily rumored that Star Wars 9 is going to contain a major Luke Skywalker surprise and many are wondering what exactly it will be. Several Star Wars fans were not happy with the way that Rian Johnson handled Mark Hamill's Skywalker in The Last Jedi, which has been reported about heavily in the past. With that said, it's believed that Disney and Lucasfilm are working with J.J. Abrams to create a fitting end to the Skywalker trilogy that will be satisfying for all fans.

Mark Hamill is returning to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars 9, but it's not clear how he will be involved in the project specifically. Some fans speculate that he's coming back to life, others argue that he never died, and then there's the good ol' Force Ghost routine, which seems the most obvious at this time. It seems that one big Skywalker surprise is going to happen at the conclusion of the movie and that it will have something to do with the Skywalker bloodline.

However, the Skywalker bloodline surprise isn't reportedly going to be the biggest shock in the movie. Mark Hamill is going to be filming next month at Pinewood Studios and there have reportedly been three different sets constructed for the Luke Skywalker character. One of these sets is for Daisy Ridley's Rey and Luke, a second for Adam Driver's Kylo Ren and Luke, and then a third for all three characters. It's unclear what this means for the Skywalker character, but it appears that he's going to be in Star Wars 9 a lot more than previously thought.

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If Mark Hamill is back for Star Wars 9 as a Luke Skywalker Force Ghost, it would be the first time that we have seen a Jedi ghost appear to a Light Side and Dark Side of the Force user on the big screen. While this isn't a whole lot of information to go off of, it does indicate that J.J. Abrams may care a little bit more about righting the so-called "wrongs" of Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi. Could this Skywalker bloodline surprise have anything to do with Rey's parents? or will it have nothing to do with his bloodline? Maybe the big surprise is that R2-D2, like the last VCR in the galaxy, finally conks out, and Luke is suddenly saddled with a new droid named E10-Pπ who just beep-complains about all the action going on around him at all times while trying to collect all the space pie in the galaxy?

Another recent rumor about Star Wars 9 has to do with Rey's parents. Many Star Wars fans are still coming to grips with the fact that her parents could be space drunks that left her on the Jakku to rot. It's possible that J.J. Abrams will attempt to tell the story of Rey's parents as well, which could very well tie into a possible Jedi bloodline from Luke Skywalker. However, it's important to note that this is all fun speculation at this time, since nothing specific about the story has been revealed, and probably won't be for a very long time. In the end, Star Wars fans are banking on the final installment of the trilogy to redeem itself. This Star Wars 9 theory originated from The Drunk Chicken YouTube channel.

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