So far, none of the 8 new peg warmers in Star Wars 9 have been revealed. We know who will be playing these never-before-seen characters. Though, who will step into this universe to tangle with Rey, Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker is anyone's guess at this point. A new studio leak has seemingly ruined one of the surprises, and it's bringing quite a shock to the system. We think we know who Naomi Ackie is playing. So get ready for your jaw to drop. Or not. It all depends on how deeply invested in this universe you still are after watching The Last Jedi.

A Reddit user going by the name Temiriblagg1 claims to have been an extra on the set of Star Wars 9. And they have brought back some interesting intel regarding one of the scenes that was recently shot. Naomi Ackie was there, and her character apparently has a huge connection to the original trilogy that could send shockwaves through the fan community. For some, it will almost be like discovering a new flavor of pie.

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Yes, it is now being reported that Naomi Ackie is playing Lando Calrissian's daughter. Filming on the sequel is still underway at Pinewood Studios in the UK, with breaks planned for the holidays. The shoot won't wrap until sometime in early 2019, though some of the actors have been released already.

The extra claims that they were part of a guerrilla militia hiding out in a secret bunker on the planet of Batuu, which will be introduced in Star Wars 9, before this jungle planet becomes the official holding area for Disney Parks' Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attraction. In one of the scenes set on Batuu, Poe, Finn and Chewbacca are seen interacting with Dominic Monaghan, who is best known for his role in Lord of the Rings. Dom is said to wear a 'very cool costume'. He is with Veranada Calrissean, Lando's daughter. Her nickname is Vera. Here is the detailed description from Temiriblagg1, who has officially broken whatever NDA they had to sign to participate in the sequel.

"We were a guerrilla militia in a secret type of bunker on the planet of Batuu. There is not a lot of tech that you usually see in a sw movie. More hunter and gatherer type of group. Members are of this group in the background are all seen smithing weapons and keeping busy in other ways. We are trying to keep under the nose of the first order. The architecture is magnificent and will be a real visual treat for viewers."

The juiciest news comes with the next big reveal, possibly floated by Disney spies to let the name Veranada Calrissean soak in. Like most Star Wars names, it is not immediately agreeable to the ear. But if true, it will likely grow on fans. The Reddit user goes onto say this.

"Poe, Finn and Chewbacca enter with other members of the resistance and members of our group. They are greeted by Dom Monaghan (who is wearing a very cool costume). Naomi Ackie is here as Veranada (Vera) Calrissian. There is no mention of a formal leader but they seem to be more in leadership roles. They discuss a recent skirmish that happened while the resistance arrived to the planet. They seem to slightly be at odds. Poe confronts Dom's character and Dom laughs. He is a complex character it would seem, he may have lost a friend or something in this skirmish, get is livid but excited. Naomi's character says they found something valuable at the cost of losing several soldiers. Enters an accompanied horse with several children masks on. A body is seated with a bag over their head. He gets dropped down. Revealed to be a cowering Domnhall (general Hux). He admits surrender and is searched by Domenic who prods him with an instrument and taunts him. To Naomi's characters displeasure."

The scene is said to be near the end of act one. More recent leaks suggest that General Leia has sent several Resistance Troops to the outer rim to recruit more soldiers for their cause. It has also been heavily rumored that Hux will be a traitor, giving important information over to the Resistance. Though, he is only doing it to get back at Kylo Ren, to show that the man formerly known as Ben Solo is a terrible leader. Hux's hope is that Ren falls out of favor with the First Order, and Hux is promoted to a more prominent leadership role. Basically, Hux wants to be the Supreme Leader, and he'll do anything to achieve that.

The idea of Lando having a daughter who is roughly around Kylo Ren's age brings up some interesting questions. Kylo Ren is said to be 29 years old, while the actor who plays him, Adam Driver, is 35 years old in real life. Naomi Ackie is just 26, almost a decade younger than Driver, but not too far behind Ren. Did they know each other as kids? Does Vera know Luke, Han and Leia? Have they stayed in contact? Who is her mother? Vera's backstory could fill a single standalone movie, and here she is just one of 8 new characters being introduced. We suspect that we won't learn much about her in the sequel, but that's what all those books and TV shows are for.

Billy Dee Williams is confirmed to return as Lando Calrissian. He will have some kind of connection to Maz Kanata. It is believed that he found Luke's old blue lightsaber on Besin and handed it over to Maz. Which brings up more questions. Why didn't he just give it to Luke? Was it found after the Jedi Master went into exile? These are all interesting questions for another time.

Vera claims that her soldiers found something very valuable, even at the cost of losing many lives. Sounds like the whole ordeal that went down with retrieving the plans for the Death Star, doesn't it? She appears to be a leader on Batuu. And she's definitely one of the good guys.

If this latest set rumor proves to be true, it will also provide a connection to the Star Wars: Battlefront II game. The story there revealed that Lando kept working for the Rebellion after he helped blow up the Death Star at the end of Return of the Jedi. There are a number of years in-between Return of the Jedi and Star Wars 9 that are unaccounted for. The end of Battlefront II's Resurrection DLC strongly hints that the Resistance has allies in the Outer Rim territories. Now many are speculating that these allies are Lando and his daughter Vera.

It's expected that the first teaser trailer for Star Wars 9 will reveal some, if not all, of the 8 new Star Wars characters. Will we get to see Vera Calrissian for the first time? It is expected that Lando will be revealed in the trailer's tag, giving a moment that is reminiscent of the "Chewie, we're home" scene from The Force Awakens trailer, which brought back Han and Chewbacca. Star Wars 9 will be in theaters December 2019. This latest rumor was scrapped off the side of Inverse like old gum on the bottom of someone's shoe.