Star Wars 9 will surely deliver some gut-twisting surprises throughout its runtime as it wraps up the Skywalker saga. Keeping spoilers on the down low is always a hard game, but Disney and Lucasfilm do a pretty good job. Some info leaks out here or there, but when The Last Jedi hit theaters, no one knew that Snoke's death was coming. That's because Lucasfilm implements some hardcore rules and regulations with its crew and actors. As Star Wars 9 gets ready to officially begin production next Wednesday, the crew has seemingly been instructed to use old cell phones to stop any potential Leaks or Spoilers.

Victoria Mahoney, who is serving as second unit director on the untiled Star Wars 9 hit social media with a tweet that has since been deleted. You can still see it in the screen grab below, because anything worthwhile that makes it onto the Internet never dies for good. She shows off the great lengths at which Lucasfilm is keeping its secrets under wraps.

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Apparently, though this hasn't been confirmed, none of the crew is allowed to have a cell phone that contains any type of camera. Mahoney showed off her own personal phone, adding the hashtags #Oldschool #Crew #IX. She only delivers these brief comments. And she doesn't go into any great detail about why her and her team have been saddled with this ancient technology.

Victoria Mahoney made noise earlier in the year when her position was announced. A Wrinkle in Time director Ava DuVernay championed Mahoney's hiring as the first person of color to serve as a second unit director on a Star Wars movie. Second Unit Directors don't usually get mentioned in press releases or by the media at large.

Victoria Mahoney has directed the movie Yelling at the Sky, as well as helming episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Power and American Crime, all projects where she got to use a modern cell phone. Mahoney's exact duties haven't been detailed, but it's expected that she'll be involved with the more complex action and battle scenes while J.J. Abrams works closely with the actors and the dialogue driven scenes.

Yesterday, Lucasfilm and Disney officially announced the cast and August 1 production start for Star Wars 9. Mark Hamill is finally confirmed to return as Luke Skywalker to finish the final chapter in the Skywalker saga. And his twin sister will also return, with J.J. Abrams utilizing unseen footage of Carrie Fisher shot on the set of The Force Awakens to finish out her character arc. Anthony Daniels will be returning as C3PO, and Billy Dee Williams will make his first big screen appearance as Lando Calrissian since 1983's Return of the Jedi. So there will definitely be some old school Star Wars flavor in this episode.

Star Wars 9 is set to hit theaters on December 20, 2019. And if the team keeps going like this, the mysteries will remain in tact and we'll learn the final secrets behind Luke and his family when we sit down to watch the movie. All thanks to a bunch of old Cell Phones.

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