It looks like Poe Dameron got himself a promotion ahead of Star Wars 9. J.J. Abrams is currently filming what will be the final chapter of this new trilogy in the Star Wars saga. The Last Jedi saw Oscar Isaac's Poe at odds with General Leia and, due to his reckless actions in the movie's opening sequence, he was demoted. It turns out, Leia eventually had a change of heart in regards to that decision.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Marvel's Poe Dameron #31. The final issue of the Poe Dameron comic recently hit shelves and it takes place just days after the events of The Last Jedi. During the comic, Poe is urging to allow him to aid Black Squadron, who find themselves in trouble. With the Resistance now in shambles, they need all of the help they can get. Leia, meanwhile, feels that he should not put his life on the line.

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This results in a spirited debate between the two characters, who have a lot of reverence for one another, but are diametrically opposed in many cases. After a conversation, in which, Leia tries to impart some wisdom on Poe about what it takes to be a leader, she ultimately relents and gives her blessing. But before Poe is sent on his way, General Organa had one last, very important thing to add.

"Fine. You may have my authorization. But you can't take the Falcon. Find another way. May the Force be with you...Commander Dameron."

Poe was stripped of his title following the bombing mission in The Last Jedi and he was actively challenging the authority of Admiral Holdo throughout most of the movie. By the end of it, Leia and Holdo both declared their love for Poe and he had found his way back into their good graces. But his title was not reinstated. In the comic, he is struck by this comment and looks for clarity, and Leia doubles down.

"Commander. But this time, don't blow it."

In the current world of Lucasfilm and Star Wars, everything officially released is canon. So, this means Poe will once again be a commander within the ranks of the Resistance, or so it would seem, when Star Wars 9 arrives. Then again, a lot could happen between the time this comic takes place and the start of the next movie. It's largely expected that there will be a relatively significant passage of time between The Last Jedi and what comes next.

So, this may or may not wind up meaning a whole lot come time for Episode IX. We'll have to wait and see. In any case, it makes for an interesting tidbit for hardcore fans. You can check out some of the key pages in question from the comic for yourself below. Marvel'sPoe Dameron #31 is on sale now.