We may have just found our best look yet at the upcoming Star Wars 9. A poster has leaked that features the Knights of Ren and whole bunch of other details. Additionally, character sheets that reveal new character names has leaked, giving us a better idea of what to expect when the movie finally hits theaters later this year. With that being said, these particular pieces of marketing do not contain the official name of the movie .

Rey takes center stage in the Star Wars 9 poster with Kylo Ren below, with his freshly repaired helmet on above an army of red Stormtroopers, who may be called the 709th, aka the Red Fury. The red troopers have long been rumored along with the Knights of Ren, who are also featured on the poster. The normal white Stormtroopers are on the other side of Kylo Ren, along with some new ships. One of the things that sticks out the most is the image of C-3PO holding a bowcaster and looking pretty badass. It has been teased that the droid will have a larger role in the movie. And earlier rumors indicated that he woiuld be using Chewbacca's bandolier and bowcaster.

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Finn and Poe are also spotted in the Star Wars 9 poster with some new outfits and new aliens. BB-8 is spotted and so is Chewie and the Millennium Falcon. However, the two more intriguing pieces, other than the Knights of Ren and red Stormtroopers, are the two new characters named Jannah and Zorri. Those names come from the leaked character sheets and it appears that Kerri Russell is playing Zorri. The actress recently revealed that her character has a cool suit and Zorri's suit does indeed look pretty cool. Jannah appears to be Naomi Ackie's mysterious character. This was stated about the Zorri character in an earlier post.

"I would describe Keri Russell's outfit and as a rose gold extremely fancy stormtrooper but with the armor is split into triangles on a purple suit. Her helmet has the shape of an Olympic cycling helmet."

There are also orange X-Wings spotted on the art. But as noted in the original post, there are a few weird things with this art, incicating it may just be a mock-up and not the finalized product. The new alien seen next to Finn is a digital image and not the suit used on set. The red stormtroopers and The Knights of Ren are also not 'finalized'. It's possible that this art is a first or second draft, and still needs work done.

We're also treated to our first look at Lando Calrissian from the leaked Star Wars 9 character sheets. Billy Dee Williams looks great and his outfit looks pretty close to what we saw Donald Glover wearing in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The art is a bit blurry, but it does look like it originated from Lucasfilm. Additionally, everything seems to fall in line with the previous information leaks that have come out over the last few months. With that being said, the character sheets and the poster are more than likely works in progress. It is stated that the poster is being used for merchandise. Or the retail poster.

Star Wars Celebration is only a few weeks away, so it makes sense that we're starting to see some leaked Star Wars 9 information at this time. But, there are some peculiar elements to these leaks that may point to an earlier time in production. The Knights of Ren and the red Stormtroopers do appear to be the final designs and it has been heavily rumored that the Star Wars logo is going to be blue this time around, and not yellow like the leaked poster shows. We're only a few weeks away from getting confirmation, but these leaks are certainly very intriguing. You can check them out below, thanks to Making Star Wars.