Mark Hamill doesn't think that the recently leaked Star Wars 9 poster is the real deal. Earlier this week, fans were treated to a pretty convincing poster featuring Finn, Poe, and Rey in new costumes, the Knights of Ren, the red Stormtroopers, and new characters. However, there are a few parts that stick out, specifically C-3PO holding a bowcaster and some weird alien standing behind Finn. Now, Hamill has spoken up and declares that it's just fake news made by a hardcore Star Wars fan.

Mark Hamill was alerted to the Star Wars 9 poster by a fan on social media who asked if it was real. The Luke Skywalker actor simply said, "Doubtful. Looks like the work of a #UPF." UPF apparently stands for Ultra Passionate Fan and Hamill's observation makes sense. While there are elements of the poster that are genuine, it does seem like the rest could have been the work of a hardcore fan who worked really quickly to incorporate the leaked character sheets.

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Even when Mark Hamill, an actor who is in Star Wars 9, says that the poster is fake news, there are still people who believe that it's real. One Twitter user claimed that it is real, though it may not be "meant for public consumption or a final version," in response to Hamill's opinion. However, the actor still isn't having it and said, "3PO with a crossbow? OK," with a laughing emoji. Whatever the case may be, we've been a Star Wars 9 news drought, so fans were more than happy to pick apart the poster and argue over its authenticity.

Neither Lucasfilm or Disney has come forward to say whether or not the Star Wars 9 poster is real. It's believed that the marketing campaign for the highly anticipated movie will begin after next month's Star Wars Celebration, where it is rumored that we will learn the official title and possibly see the first footage. With that being said, work on the promotional items is more than likely being worked on at the moment, which is where those character sheets originated from. So, we should find out what exactly was faked on the poster and what is actually from the upcoming movie.

Star Wars 9 hits theaters at the end of the year, so we still have a pretty decent wait before the movie hits theaters. One of the biggest reveal from the leaked poster was our first look at Kerri Russell's mysterious character, who is reportedly Zorri. As for seeing C-3PO mowing down the First Order with Chewie's bowcaster, that probably isn't going to happen, according to Mark Hamill. Out of everyone right now, Hamill is the man to believe when it comes to anything having to do with Star Wars 9. You can check out the response to the leaked poster art below, thanks to Mark Hamill's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick