Is C-3PO really going to handle Chewie's bowcaster in Star Wars 9? According to some new leaks, that is going to be the case, even after Mark Hamill called the image fake news on social media. It appears that 3PO is going to have a bigger role in the upcoming sequel, which has been hinted at before from more than a few sources, but the bowcaster still seems a bit fishy, especially since it was previously reported and then landed on the supposedly leaked poster for the movie.

The leak continues on and says C-3PO will reluctantly have his memory uploaded to R2-D2, which will lead to some "humorous" situations. From here, it is believed the Resistance uploads a warrior droid memory into 3PO's body, which could explain the bowcaster image, though many still believe it to be fake news. However, the memory swap does seem like something real, though it is unclear why at this time. We know the Resistance needs all the help they can get, but seeing a warrior C-3PO sounds almost too good to be true.

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Next up, Star Wars 9 is reportedly going to take us to a snowy planet where a droid factory is placed. It's here where we will be introduced to a new droid, possibly a new friend of BB-8. This is where they find C-3PO's new personality and where the main cast visits. However, things get dicey and they are later helped by a character who is described as wearing "rose-gold extremely elegant armor but with a purple under suit and a helmet that has the shape of an Olympic cycling helmet."

That description perfectly matches up with Zorri, who is Keri Russell's character. She is featured in the recently leaked character art and in the poster too. As for the new droid, it is believed that it was featured on the poster and that it has a connection to Russell's Zorri character. This is all coming from anonymous sources, so we'll have to treat this all as a rumor for now, though some of it sounds very promising. What will the Resistance be doing with these new droids? Since Star Wars Celebration is next weekend, we should get some more hints as to what we can expect when the movie hits theaters.

Along with the first footage, next weekend should give us the long awaited title of Star Wars 9. There has been a few rumors going around that it is Skywalkers, though that has yet to be confirmed by anyone at this time. It seems like a pretty odd title for many reasons, but nobody really knows what is going on except for J.J. Abrams and his crew, who aren't letting anything leak out, except for some character art. The Star Wars 9 leaks come to us from Making Star Wars, which is generally pretty reliable when it comes to these things.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick