The Rise of Skywalker will finally answer the "who is Rey?" question. Co-writer Chris Terrio was recently interviewed and shed some light on the two major questions he and J.J. Abrams wanted to focus on when crafting the story. The other focus is on the power of the Force and how it relates to the rest of the franchise. Star Wars fans have waited four years to find out who Rey is and it looks like we're finally about to find out.

2015's The Force Awakens introduced Daisy Ridley's Rey to the world. Even though we've seen her in two movies, she is still very much a mystery, but there are huge amounts of rumors and speculation as to who she really is floating around. Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi made the controversial decision to reveal that her parents were nobodies, which may or may not have been a ploy by Kylo Ren to distract her and lure her to the Dark Side. Chris Terrio had this to say about the two main questions they wanted to answer in The Rise of Skywalker.

"One of them is a simple one: Who is Rey? Which is a question that people not only wonder about quite literally, but wonder about in the spiritual sense. How can Rey become the spiritual heir to the Jedi? We kept coming back to 'Who is Rey?', and how can we give the most satisfying answer to that not only factually - because obviously people are interested in whether there's more to be learned of Rey's story - but more importantly who is she as a character? How will she find the courage and will and inner strength and power to carry on what she's inherited?"

Giving Rey a satisfying story is something Star Wars fans have been waiting for. While a lot of fans enjoy the risks Rian Johnson took with The Last Jedi, there are many who were disappointed by Rey's parents storyline (amongst other things). As for the second question Chris Terrio and J.J. Abrams wanted to tackle, it goes back to how this whole franchise started. Terrio explains.

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"The second one is, How strong is the Force? It sounds a little simple, but actually when you get down to it, that is a sort of Zen Koan that we would really meditate on - not literally in yoga poses or anything, but like we would discuss, 'What is the Force and how strong is the Force?' Those two things were really important."

While J.J. Abrams has spoken many times about honoring what Rian Johnson did, some fans will more than likely look at Chris Terrio's comments on The Rise of Skywalker main questions and look at them in a negative light. The power of the Force was put into question when Leia flew through space during the "Leia Poppins" scene and the Rey question has always been a big one. However, these are common questions and sound like a firm basis to structure a story from, no matter what The Last Jedi did.

The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20th and speculation is rampant. For now, Star Wars fans should be able to rest easy in knowing we will finally learn about Rey and who she really is. Whether fans will agree or like this story is going to be up for debate for the years to come. The interview with Chris Terrio was originally conducted by Empire.

Kevin Burwick