Kevin Smith loves Star Wars just about as much as anyone. From time to time, he likes to speculate about what we could see happen in future movies, just like the rest of us fans do. Recently, on an episode of his Fatman on Batman podcast, Smith shared a theory about Star Wars 9 that he and one of his friends cooked up and it's absolutely insane. Whether or not it actually holds any water is up for debate, but it's at least worth listening to.

It was recently announced that The Clone Wars TV series is coming back and, as the trailer revealed, Ahsoka Tano is making it back to the small screen once more. We also know that Keri Russell has been cast to play a mystery role in Star Wars 9. Kevin Smith pondered a thought and wondered, what if Russell is playing Ahsoka? But the theory doesn't stop there. Here's what he and his producer buddy Brian Volk-Weiss cooked up.

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"We were talking about Clone Wars coming back and I said to him, 'I got a theory that that's the way to start introducing Ahsoka slowly into the live-action movies by bringing her back prominently in the cartoon.' Because now that they don't have Princess Leia stories to tell, they need another strong female character in the universe and Ahsoka's been there for years, much beloved, just isn't in the movies. So I was like, 'I think maybe they're doing that so they can slowly bring her into the movies.' And then Brian blows my f*ckin' mind by going, 'Maybe that's who Keri Russell's playing?' and then I said, 'What the f*ck, man?! I wanna see your version of Star Wars!' Then I was like, 'No, that can't be it, I think Keri Russell probably plays Rey's mom,' and then he f*ckin' drops the bomb and he goes, 'What if it's the same person?'"

A bomb that would be indeed. For one, fans have been dying to see Ahsoka Tano make the jump to live-action for a very long time. With the Resistance in need of any help they can get, what if Ahsoka comes out of hiding to fight the good fight? We know thanks to the end of Star Wars Rebels that Anakin Skywalker's former padawan made it beyond the events of Return of the Jedi alive. Then throw in the bombshell of her being Rey's mom? That would be insane. But, as Kevin Smith further explains, it would also be spitting in the face of what Rian Johnson established in The Last Jedi. Despite that, Smith went ahead and brought it up to J.J. Abrams anyway.

"So, instantly, I wrote to J.J. Abrams, 'You must do this.' Could you imagine? That would be f*ckin' wild. I don't think it is, but that was one of the greatest fan theories I've ever heard about. Wouldn't that be hot? Not only is Ahsoka in these movies but she's f*ckin' Rey's mom! And somewhere, Rian Johnson's like, 'What the f*ck?! I said no! I said they were trash!'"

As fans know, Rian Johnson established that Rey's parents were nobody junk traders who sold their daughter off for drinking money. This, according to Kylo Ren. There has been plenty of speculation that Kylo was just saying this to mess with Rey's mind and that J.J. Abrams, who is filming Star Wars 9 currently, could establish his own parentage for the young Jedi. Will that involve Ahsoka Tano as played by Kerri Russell? Almost certainly not, but it's fun to think about. You can check out the full episode of Fatman on Batman over at Kevin Smith YouTube channel for yourself below.