Excitement for the upcoming Star Wars finale, The Rise of Skywalker, is palpable with fans everywhere wondering whether it will be the greatest Christmas present of all time or a big, disappointing lump of coal. Richard E. Grant reviewed Star Wars 9, which got fans quite pumped. To further stoke the already overwhelming anticipation, Richard E. Grant has now teased a major plot twist that will help to conclude the nine movie saga.

"The big character plot twist that I had no idea would be coming. It made total emotional sense and story sense and I thought that was really smart. And I think that's an incredible thing to take something that began with the first movie in 1977 [Star Wars: A New Hope] and nine movies later reach a conclusion/resolution."

Okay, wow, it sounds like this mysterious The Rise of Skywalker twist blindsided him, as it is sure to blindside the rest of us, but Grant sounds more than happy with the final result. Whether everybody will agree that it makes both emotional and story sense is anyone's guess, but you can bet there will be a certain section of the Star Wars fanbase that are ready to be irked by any element that threatens the original trilogy.

Although Richard E. Grant did not divulge much information as to what this big twist is exactly, it will surely involve one of the main characters, more than likely either Rey or Kylo Ren, and could very well change not only the Disney trilogy, but the entire Skywalker saga.

Grant, who plays the villainous Allegiant General Pryde, a high-ranking general in the First Order, has also opened up about the huge expectations people have for the movie.

"It runs the risk of the Game of Thrones syndrome, where there's no way you can please all the people all the time, because people are so emotionally invested in this story. The movie that they're going to see may not be the movie they have in their heads to see. But for a four decade-long fan as I am, I thought it pulled off that feat incredibly."

This tantalizing tease follows Grant's glowing review of the finished movie, in which he called it an 'emotional meltdown & resurrection of the Spirit' before crying 'Bravo'. So, if everyone else hates The Rise of Skywalker, director J.J. Abrams can at least count Grant as a fan.

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The Rise of Skywalker picks up a year after the events of 2017's divisive The Last Jedi, and finds the remnants of the Resistance once again facing the tyrannical First Order. Meanwhile the ancient conflict between the Jedi and Sith reaches its epic climax, complete with major twist that is sure to send people either cheering, weeping or angrily shaking their fists towards the heavens. We do not have to wait too much longer to see what exactly this big twist involves, or how well Abrams has brought the saga to its decade-spanning conclusion, as the movie will hit cinemas on December 20. This comes to us from Yahoo.

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