Star Wars 9 is just a short ways out from officially shooting, with The Force Awakens director JJ. Abrams back at the helm. As production ramps up, more details are starting to slip through the cracks. Today, we have a leaked casting call, which reveals a major scene between Finn and Poe.

Finn and Poe have shared quite a few scenes together over the course of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. But after their initial encounter, which saw the pair stealing a TIE Fighter and flying it to Jakku, their on-screen time has mostly been relegated to throwaway scenes of exposition. That changes in Star Wars 9.

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The pair are rumored to share a big set piece this time out. And that's good, since this sequel brings The Force Awakens trilogy to a close, and it's possible we'll never see these characters on the big screen again, not together anyway.

Production starts late this summer on Episode 9, which doesn't have an official title yet. All the key players are expected to return, with John Boyega and Oscar Isaac reprising their respective roles as Finn and Poe. Daisy Ridley is back as Rey, and Adam Driver will finish out his villainous arc as Kylo Ren.

The supposed casting list that leaked is searching for 'stern-faced individuals' who can serve as extras throughout the month of August. It is believed that Finn and Poe's big scene is taking place in some kind of bar, with these extras filling out the joint. It is believed that this is a hugely important scene, and it will be filming for a number of weeks.

Some speculate that this could be another scene akin to the Canto Bight section of The Last Jedi, or it may pay homage to the Cantina in A New Hope. Nothing has been officially confirmed or announced. But it is almost 98% certain that the extras for this particular moment in the movie will all need to be stern individuals. Let's hope Ethan Van Sciver tries out for a role. He looks like he'd be at home in a Star Wars dive bar, hanging out with the galaxy's scum and villainy.

With production beginning very soon, some official information has been released. Keri Russell has been announced as a new cast member. And Billy Dee Williams is confirmed to return as pansexual gambler Lando Calrissian. As of now, Mark Hamill has not been confirmed to return as Force Ghost Luke, and he's sounded apprehensive about sliding back into the Jedi's robe. He wasn't happy with Luke's spiral in The Last Jedi, at one point declaring, 'That's not my Luke.'

Some believe Lando will save Han Solo through the use of time travel, which has fans excited. But the possibility of Harrison Ford coming back sounds just too good to be true. Though, they did delay Indiana Jones 5. Perhaps this is the reason? Nah.

Star Wars 9 follows 2015's The Force Awakens and 2017's The Last Jedi. It will officially bring the Skywalker saga to a close. As of now, there are no living Skywalkers that we know of, so some kind of surprise must be planned that will shock or anger fans to the core. After this, we're getting two more separate trilogies, a live-action TV show, and at least one more animated series in Star Wars Resistance. When it comes to Star Wars, the future is wide open. Star Wars 9 will arrive in theaters December 20, 2019. This news comes from