Star Wars 9 is currently filming at Pinewood Studios in England, but there had been previous reports about a possible set in Black Park, which is in close proximity to Pinewood. Now, some new images from Black Park shows the Millennium Falcon in a forest or jungle-like atmosphere. The source of the photos says that the production is going out of their way to keep the area protected, putting up a lot of fence to keep the public out. The forest setting has many Star Wars fans wondering if it's the often-talked about planet of Batuu.

Batuu is currently being constructed for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at the Disney theme parks and is also mentioned in the Thrawn: Alliances novel, which makes it official canon. In addition, the new Star Wars 9 set pictures look pretty similar to concept art from Galaxy's Edge that features the Millennium Falcon flying over it. After the Galactic Civil War, Batuu was a safe haven for people looking to hide from the First Order. Both the Resistance and First Order have had outposts there in the past.

The Resistance will definitely be looking for a place to regroup and hide from The First Order in Star Wars 9 and Batuu might very well be that place. The remote outpost on the galaxy's edge more than likely isn't just being used in the Disney theme parks. In addition, there is a new set of Millennium Falcon books and comics that are set to come out this fall, with each book taking place at a different place in time in the iconic ship's past, present and future. The last book has the Millennium Falcon in Batuu, which has led to speculation that planet will be the final resting place for the ship.

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It will be interesting to see how J.J. Abrams has chosen to use Batuu in Star Wars 9, if it's used at all. The new images from the set are taken from pretty far away, but it does look pretty close to the concept art for the Galaxy's Edge attraction. Thrawn: Alliances, author Timothy Zahn has stated that he will be writing more about Batuu in future books, so it could end up being a pretty important place in Star Wars 9, which would also tie the film into Galaxy's Edge, making it a smart business decision for Disney.

Another possibility for the location of these new shots of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars 9 is Yavin IV near the Massassi Outpost. Yavin IV also has a forest area, which has yet to be explored on the big screen. Adding to that, sets have been constructed at the Cardington Airship Sheds in Bedfordshire, England, which is where scenes were shot for the Rebel's Base One in A New Hope as well as Rogue One. So, it's entirely possible that the Black Park images of the Falcon are on Yavin IV.

Obviously, this is all speculation at this point in time. Disney and Lucasfilm are notorious for not letting anything truly big about their projects leak, especially this early on in the production. Star Wars 9 may take place on Batuu for a few scenes to help Galaxy's Edge, or it might not. For now, it sure looks like the old outpost will end up in the last movie of the new trilogy. It could be a return to Endor as well, but that probably wouldn't sit very well with Star Wars fans. You can check out the new images from the set of Star Wars 9 below, thanks to Making Star Wars.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick