Shippers? Keep on shipping! Because the subject of a real traditional sex scene in a Star Wars movie was posed to Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. And it sounds like we've already gotten the most we're ever going to see. A lot of fans want Rey and Kylo Ren to hook up in Star Wars 9. According to Johnson, they already did, sorta. At least as much as we're ever going to witness in this family friendly galaxy.

Star Wars 9 may bring redemption for Kylo Ren, and Rey may become one with the force, but these are kids movies at heart, after all. And it doesn't sound like we'll so much as get a kiss as steamy as the one shared by Han Solo and Princess Leia at the end of Empire Strikes Back, or even the ones shared between Leia and her twin brother Luke throughout the first two movies.

Director Rian Johnson recently attended a panel to discuss The Last Jedi as it hits VOD and other digital platforms this week. And he chimed in on the idea of seeing a sex scene in a future Star Wars movie. The new adaptation of The Last Jedi is arriving along with the movie's home drop, and it's opened up some ideas that are barely scratched at on the big screen. This includes the special connection between Ben Solo and Rey.

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But don't expect to see the two engage in any extracurricular activities in the near future. Remember that hand-touching scene? That's as intimate as these two are likely to get any time soon, unless you decided to plumb the depths of the Internet for some spine tingling fan fiction. Johnson explains.

"One of my favorite shots of the movie, is those two fingers touching. That's the closest thing we'll get to a sex scene in a Star Wars movie."

Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the iconic series, was sitting alongside Johnson when he made this call. Always coming with the quips, Hamill was quick to jump in on the declaration.

"I didn't even get that."

He actually got more than that, if you count the couple of times he got to share a kiss with Carrie Fisher in both A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, but that was before anyone knew they were playing brother and sister. But back to Johnson's comments. This finger-touching moment between Rey and Kylo was supposed to be as sexual in nature as it could be for what is perceived by many to be a kids' sci-fi fantasy film. And that shirtless Kylo certainly got a lot of young hearts racing.

Now, the subject of sex in Star Wars is not often discussed on screen, but with Game of Thrones show runners Weiss and Beinhoff about to create their own corner of this universe with an all-new trilogy of movies, many believe there could be a place for some racier material. But don't count on it. Sure, sex is a staple of their hit HBO drama, but Disney and Lucasfilm aren't going that route anytime soon.

Star Wars doesn't shy away from adult themes and ideas. But at its heart, it's a movie franchise for everyone of every age. So Han and Leia kissing is pushing the limits of what we'll see. It's possible that Han could share an intimate moment or two in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but don't look for it to go beyond a closed mouth kiss with Qi'Ra. If Reylo actually happens, it will be off screen and removed from the movies. This news was first reported at Dork Side of the Force.

B. Alan Orange