The Skywalker saga has been going strong for forty years now, ever since the release of Star Wars: A New Hope back in 1977. This year will see the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which we finally got a look at via the first teaser trailer. That is leading up to the conclusion of this new Star Wars trilogy, which will wrap up with Star Wars 9 in 2019 and, according to Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, that could be the last Star Wars movie we ever see as part of the Skywalker saga. Or, it might not.

Star Wars Celebration is currently going on now through Sunday in Orlando, Florida and that means we have been getting a ton of news. During the event, Kathleen Kennedy spoke with Fandango and she was asked whether or not the Skywalker saga will continue on after Star Wars Episode IX. Here is what she had to say about it.

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"I certainly foresee movies past nine. Whether or not we carry on the Skywalker saga... you know, George always intended nine movies, and whether we continue that or not is something we're talking about right now. If the story warrants it, we'll absolutely do it. If it actually inspires new ideas, then we'll probably head in that direction. We just don't know yet."

Lucasfilm was purchased by Disney for more than $4 billion back in 2012, which is really the only reason we are getting these new movies at all. That means that George Lucas is no longer in control of what happens to the franchise. But as Kathleen Kennedy points out, and she happens to be one of the main people in charge of Star Wars now, Lucas always had the saga mapped out as nine movies. So, after Star Wars 9, that would kind of wrap up his intended arc. But even if the Skywalker saga does truly conclude, there will definitely be more movies to come, which shouldn't come as any surprise.

Logically speaking, it was recently revealed that Carrie Fisher will not return as Leia in Star Wars Episode IX, which means that there isn't all that much Skywalker blood left out there. We can probably assume that Kylo Ren won't have a happy ending in this trilogy and if Rey isn't a Skywalker, Luke will really be the only remaining character to carry on the bloodline. And if he bites the dust in either Star Wars: The Last Jedi or Star Wars Episode IX, which is definitely not out of the realm of possibility, the Skywalker saga could logically end by the time this trilogy is over.

Outside of those movies, we know that Lucasfilm is going to continue with anthology stories like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the upcoming Han Solo movie. But there are plenty of opportunities for more trilogies and saga stories. Something like The Old Republic comes to mind. We will probably have a much better idea of whether or not the Skywalker saga will actually end when Star Wars 9 hits theaters on May 23, 2019. But first, we have to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which hits theaters on December 15.

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Ryan Scott