Have we really seen the last of Supreme Leader Snoke? Not so fast. The big bad may have been taken care of in The Last Jedi, but some recent activity from Andy Serkis has fueled speculation that maybe, just maybe, Snoke will make some sort of return in Star Wars 9. Let's not get carried away just yet, but there is some legitimacy to the speculation going on currently, given the nature of Serkis' recent activity and when taking into account what has taken place in the past.

Here's what we know for sure. Andy Serkis was scheduled to appear at the Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia last weekend. Serkis had to cancel at the last minute. According to a report, this was due to scheduling conflicts, but the actor didn't get any more specific than that. In the past, other actors have had to cancel con appearances due to their presence being needed in a galaxy far, far away. Billy Dee Williams had to cancel a similar appearance before it was formally announced that he had joined the cast of Star Wars 9, for example.

Also, looking at Andy Serkis' current schedule, it doesn't appear that he has any roles in any movies that would get in the way. He's finishing up work on Mowgli, which was recently sold to Netflix and he's been tapped to direct an adaptation of Animal Farm for them as well, but that's not going into production in the immediate future. Plus, Serkis previously seemed open to the possibility of returning. Taking all of that into account, it's not terribly crazy to think that J.J. Abrams has found a way to bring Snoke back in Episode IX. But again, let's not go crazy here. This is somewhat reasonable speculation based on circumstantial evidence, for the time being.

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If we assume for a second this might be true, then comes the question of how. As anyone who has seen The Last Jedi knows, Snoke was cut to pieces by Kylo Ren in a pretty surprising turn of events. All of that speculation and theory business leading up to the movie's release was for nothing. This, despite the fact that J.J. Abrams had pretty clearly set Snoke up to be a big part of this trilogy in The Force Awakens.

With that in mind, perhaps via a flashback sequence, or something of the like, Snoke will appear, even if only for a brief moment or two. Or maybe we'll see a bit of Snoke in his early days, if there is a story reason to see such a thing happen. Since Kylo Ren was clearly set up as the main villain by the end of The Last Jedi, it would seem like a bit of an F you to just turn around and bring Snoke back to life. But this is Star Wars we're talking about. Who knows what could happen? Some sort of dark side Force ghost the likes of which we've never seen?

Point being, there are ways to possibly make this work. Despite the evidence though, it's possible Andy Serkis was called away to consult on one of the movies he's working on as a motion capture expert, or something of the like. This doesn't mean for sure that Snoke is coming back. But it keeps that candle burning for now. This news was previously reported by Star Wars News Net.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott