The working title for Star Wars 9 was revealed last weekend and since then, fans have been trying to find any connections. Carbonado Industries (UK) Ltd. Is the production company for the upcoming movie. A carbonado is the toughest form of natural diamond, commonly known as a Black Diamond, which is also the working title for Episode IX. Working titles can have varying degrees of significance, but in this case, it looks like it could very well have a pretty obvious tie to Supreme Leader Snoke. There are major SPOILERS ahead for The Last Jedi, so read at your own risk.

Fans left scratching their heads about Snoke and the rise of the First Order may get some answers in J.J. Abrams' Star Wars 9. In The Last Jedi, Snoke is seen with a ring that has a black obsidian stone in it that was taken from beneath Darth Vader's castle on Mustafar. The castle was built over a Sith cave that was strong with the Force and also the site of his greatest defeat. Snoke's ring also has a strong connection to the Four Sages of Dwartii, which had a profound influence on Emperor Palpatine.

Could Supreme Leader Snoke's ring with the black obsidian have any correlation with the Star Wars 9 working title of Black Diamond? Rian Johnson left more than a subtle clue when Snoke was cut in half by Kylo Ren, leaving only his left hand resting upon the throne with the ring still intact. The ring very well could have ended up in either General Hux's hands or Kylo Ren's (it does contain a relic from his grandfather) after Snoke's death and might hold a piece of the story for Star Wars 9. This is speculation at this point, but The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary does give quite a bit of backstory to the ring.

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Many fans were disappointed to not get any of the backstory of Snoke and the rise of the First Order in The Last Jedi, but there was already too much going on in the movie to properly add anymore to the story. In addition, Rian Johnson warned fans that the movie would not focus much on Snoke and has gone on to say that he only served as piece to the Kylo Ren story arc. However, that doesn't mean that J.J. Abrams won't tap into that story in a bit more detail as Kylo Ren looks to prove his strength and power.

We still have plenty of time to speculate about what's going to happen in Star Wars 9, but it would be pretty interesting to have Snoke's ring, that was made from materials found beneath Darth Vader's castle, have more story to tell in the next installment. Black Diamond may also just be the working title and have nothing to do with anything, which is often the case with working titles. But it is fun to think about. In the meantime, go check out more about Snoke's ring via The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary.

Kevin Burwick