It's beginning to look like the recently detailed TIE Echelon is going to appear in Star Wars 9. A new leaked photo from the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge area of Disneyland provides us with our first look at the new First Order ship and it has some similarities to Kylo Ren's ship in terms of looks, but it is smaller. The TIE Echelon was talked about earlier this week when Disneyland offered a tour of the unfinished grounds.

The TIE Echelon looks pretty great and it carries some of the same aesthetics that we have come to see in the latest trilogy. However, it has not been officially confirmed that the new TIE Fighter will be featured in Star Wars 9. With that being said, ABC news correspondent Clayton Sandell was on hand for the private Galaxy's Edge tour and he believes that the TIE Echelon will be in the upcoming movie. He had this to say.

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"That's where the TIE fighter is parked and it is an awesome TIE fighter. A brand new TIE fighter that nobody has ever seen before. And they hinted you're going to see this TIE fighter in a new movie. I am guessing Episode IX. It's a really cool design. It combines, if you could imagine Kylo's shuttle kind of shrunken down into a TIE fighter look."

If what Clayton Sandell claims is true, this could be another clue that the red Stormtroopers are going to make an appearance in Star Wars 9 too. Imagineering creative executive Scott Trowbridge is in charge of Galaxy's Edge and he revealed that the new TIE Fighter would be bringing a new set of Stormtroopers, though he didn't say specifically that they are the red variety. However, it certainly sounds about right when hearing his description. He explains.

"The 709th, the Red Fury. There are some stories to be told about those folks, and why they're here, what they came looking for - or who they came looking for."

The 709th Red Fury is more than likely the red Stormtroopers that were first talked about late last year. Obviously, we don't know how they will fit into Star Wars 9, but it's beginning to look like Galaxy's Edge is going to have more than a few connections to the upcoming movie. The Rise of the Resistance ride is going to feature newly shot footage of Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo Ren and some believe that the footage confirms that there has been a significant time jump in between The Last Jedi and Star Wars 9.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is all set to open at Disneyland this coming June with the Florida park unveiling the new area of the park in the fall. All of the pieces are starting to come together and it looks like Disney is offering up quite the immersive experience that will bring fans into the Star Wars universe like never before. It's a good time to be a hardcore fan of the franchise. You can check out the TIE Echelon image below, thanks to Reddit.