Colin Trevorrow shared an unused TIE Fighter design from his version of Star Wars 9. Trevorrow's Duel of the Fates never made it past the writing stage as he and Lucasfilm didn't see eye to eye. However, since J.J. Abrams' The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters, we've started to get a pretty good idea of what Trevorrow wanted to do, and some Star Wars fans prefer that too what Abrams put on the big screen. However, had Trevorrow put out his take on the final installment in the Skywalker Saga, those same fans might still be complaining about it.

During a [email protected] panel from earlier today, Colin Trevorrow discussed his experiences working with Lucasfilm and even revealed a TIE Fighter, named the Marauder, which was not used in The Rise of Skywalker. There was a second design for the First Order TIE Echelon, which now sits in Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. However, the Marauder version holds a special place in the director's heart. Trevorrow had this to say about the TIE Marauder.

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"So this is one of the - my son and I designed a ship, I have two ships. One of them is at the theme park at Disneyland. This is the other one, and it only exists in this 3D model. It's called a TIE Marauder, and for Christmas the guys painted it for me - I only had this in a 3D model. Now this is the only one in the world, and it's an amazing memory for me when I got to do something that was an incredible experience from start to finish that I was able to make a Star Wars ship with my son."

The TIE Marauder has three cockpits and it looks like something that would have easily fit in The Rise of Skywalker, or the previous two movies. However, it was scrapped and went unused, which means Colin Trevorrow owns the only prop in existence from Duel of Fates, which he boasts proudly in the [email protected] panel. Plus, he was able to design it will is son.

Colin Trevorrow also spoke about being a director and working in Hollywood. Before working with Lucasfilm, the director had nothing but good luck when it came to working with studios. Trevorrow had already made a pretty good name for himself before he was brought on to write and direct Star Wars 9. With that being said, there were too many creative differences, which seems to be a common thread with certain directing styles and the Star Wars franchise. Trevorrow explains.

"We were [in] art and writing [when I left Star Wars], it was a development thing. It was script development. I guess the lesson from it is - I've been very fortunate in the films that I've directed, the path that I wanted to follow and the path that everyone involved wanted to follow was the same. It's totally possible for two people to see two totally different paths through the woods. That was just an experience that obviously you can imagine, it can get to the point of being traumatic when there's something that you care about that much and you've invested that much in it. But that's one of the things that you accept when you take on any role in film, especially when you become a storyteller, that there are gonna be heartbreaks. There's gonna be crushing disappointments and then there's gonna be victories and hopefully they'll balance out in the end."

Everything sounds like it has worked out for Colin Trevorrow at this point in time. When it comes down to it, anybody could have directed The Rise of Skywalker and still saw a major blowback from hardcore fans, it's just the way the Star Wars fandom works. While we'll never know what Trevorrow's take on the story would have looked like on the big screen, there are a few teases. You can check out the TIE Marauder above, thanks to Collider.