The Star Wars 9 teaser may have already started hitting theaters. According to sources, a big U.K. movie theater chain has gotten a mysterious package from Disney, which includes the first footage of the last movie in the Skywalker saga. Star Wars fans were disappointed to learn that Disney was not going to release anything for the Super Bowl as a title was seemingly hinted at by more than one person close to the project. With that being said, the first footage and trailer reveal may be just around the corner.

It has been revealed that only J.J. Abrams knows the official title of Star Wars 9 at the moment, so it would be pretty cool if it were to get shared with the world in the coming days or weeks. It will more than likely be a huge relief for the director. With that being said, it looks like the wait may be nearly over, according to sources close to a particular movie theater chain in the U.K. The source had this to say.

"A major UK cinema chain has received a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) from Disney this morning called 'TT1-SW9,' (Teaser Trailer 1 Star Wars 9). It's encrypted with a KDM (Key Delivery Message) so they can't view the contents until they get the key. No news on when they'll get the key, but they had the Aladdin trailer DCP for two weeks before it came out on Monday... therefore, Friday might be the day, but that's pure speculation."

Obviously, this report comes from anonymous sources, so we have to treat this as a pretty big rumor for now. Star Wars Celebration is coming in April and many are banking on the first Star Wars 9 footage to see the light of day at the event. However, we will hopefully get a title reveal before that or maybe even some teaser footage, if this rumor proves to be true. For now, we'll just have to wait and see.

The title for The Last Jedi was released nearly a year before the movie hit theaters, so Star Wars fans are starting to get a little antsy since the Star Wars 9 title has yet to be revealed. This will be the last movie of the new trilogy and many are expecting J.J. Abrams to hit a homerun after Rian Johnson's divisive entry into the trilogy. Johnson was recently the target of a rumor that he had ended his partnership with Lucasfilm, but he later debunked it.

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Will the Star Wars 9 teaser end up dropping in a few days or weeks? At this point, anything is possible, as it seems that Disney and Lucasfilm do not have a set way of promoting their most recent Star Wars projects. Regardless, fans will be happy just to finally learn the title, which might be exactly what this rumor is getting at. The Star Wars 9 news was originally reported by Fantha Tracks.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick