With the production of Star Wars 9 only a month away, the next installment in the Star Wars Saga has received a new working title. While this will not be the actual title of the movie when it releases in theaters, it will be the title for Episode IX when it is in production.

According to Fantha Tracks, who has accurately reported every previous Star Wars working title since The Force Awakens, Episode IX's working title has been changed to "trIXie." The original working title was reported to be "Black Diamond," but that title is apparently no longer in effect. Why this title was changed remains a mystery, and was most likely just a preference by director J.J. Abrams.

Typically, a movie will create a working title so that people who see the set don't get too excited and try to bombard the movie's production. For example, people passing by the set of The Avengers would have tried to get onto the set to get a glimpse of the Marvel stars. However, when they pass by a set that's titled "Group Hug" (which was the working title for The Avengers), they most likely won't be as excited. While not all movies need to have working titles, they are pretty much essential for projects as large as Star Wars.

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The working title trIXie probably isn't too significant, as "Trixie" doesn't sound like the name of anyone we would expect to see in the Star Wars universe. It's more than likely just an attempt to use the roman numeral "IX" in the working title, while the rest of the name likely bears no significance. The actual title of Star Wars: Episode IX still remains a mystery, and most likely won't be revealed for quite a while. The title for Star Wars: The Last Jedi wasn't revealed until less than a year before the movie released. It's very likely that Lucasfilm will repeat this idea and not reveal the title for Episode IX until early next year.

The original Star Wars movie, A New Hope, received a more on-the-nose working title, being referred to as "Adventures of the Starkiller: Episode 1 - Star Wars." However, at the time of production, there was absolutely no interest in the Star Wasrs franchise, and most investors and studios thought the movie would fail, so there wasn't really a need for a subtle working title. The Empire Strikes Back did not receive a working title, but Return of Jedi received one of the most notable working titles in film history: "Blue Harvest."

The Star Wars Prequel trilogy received some rather strange working titles, with the movies being called "The Doll House," "Jar Jar's Big Adventure," and finally "The Bridge." When Star Wars: The Force Awakens began production, its working title was "AVCO," which was named after the movie theater that J.J. Abrams saw A New Hope at for the first time. The Force Awakens actually featured two working titles, with "Foodles" being the second. Star Wars: The Last Jedi received the working title "Space Bear," Rogue One: A Star Wars Story received the working title "Los Alamos" (which was a reference to the Atomic Bomb), and Solo: A Star Wars Story received the working title "Red Cup" (a pun referencing Red Solo Cups).

While the new Episode IX working title revealed by Fantha Tracks probably doesn't reveal anything important about the movie, it's still a fun update as the movie enters production. Episode IX will be the last movie in the sequel trilogy, and most likely be the final addition to the "Skywalker Saga," with each movie after being some sort of spin-off.