A lot of Star Wars fans, not all of them, love to complain about seemingly anything in regard to George Lucas' creations. Disney has been the main target of the venom lately, trashing The Last Jedi, forcing Kelly Marie Tran from social media due to racist and other terrible comments, and complaining about nearly everything. Some complaints, or opinions, are warranted, but some are just nitpicky. For instance, a Star Wars fan took to social media to raise some questions about Obi-Wan's Jedi robe in A New Hope, which led to an official response from Lucasfilm.

Twitter user Dennis DiClaudio noted that Obi-Wan Kenobi was dressed in robes in A New Hope in an effort to blend in on Tatooine. The idea is that Obi-Wan could walk around freely without anybody recognizing that he was a Jedi. DiClaudio insinuates that this is a significant plot hole and calls it "ridiculous." He even goes on to say, "I hate this so much!" written in all capital letters, letting his true feeling come through, feeling the Force course through his veins and compelling his fingers to type.

Many Star Wars fans jumped on this Twitter thread and shared their thoughts. Some were more logical than others while a few jumped on the hate Choo Choo train, which is really easy to get on. Dennis DiClaudio's plot hole theory suggests that the prequels went back and modeled the Jedi clothing off of a bummy disguise. Yoda, Windu, and Fisto can all be seen wearing the robes, so what gives? As it turns out, Twitter user Angel de Jorge chimed in with the right response, which was later confirmed by Lucasfilm. Jorge says that he believes that the Jedi wear typical work clothes of ordinary people, likening it to the Japanese Keikogi. Matt Martin from Lucasfilm Story Group confirmed and had this to say.

"Yup, that's exactly it. It's meant to imply that they're not anything like a police or military force."

There we go. A simple Star Wars answer that didn't need to be nitpicked and brought into negative connotations to spread venom. However, there will still be fans that will not take this answer seriously and continue the debate for the years to come. All over the Jedi robes that Obi-Wan wears in a movie from over 40 years ago. Mark Hamill may be right on the money about his new hashtag after all...

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This is just one tiny nitpick from the Star Wars universe with plenty more on the way since Star Wars 9, the Boba Fett movie, and the Obi-Wan movie are all on the way. Never mind the new trilogies from Rian Johnson and the Game of Thrones creators. Buckle in, Star Wars fans, because it's about to get pretty bumpy and straight up ugly. You can check out the social media exchange in reference to the Jedi robe below, courtesy of Lucasfilm Story Group member Matt Martin's Twitter account.