During the 'Hasbro Fall 2007 Analyst Event', the company's COO spoke about their partnership with Lucasfilm involving the upcoming Clone Wars TV Series:

"...the additional big news here is that Star Wars Cinemation is scheduled to launch on 8-08-08 as a theatrical release. Yes, Star Wars will be back in theatres August 8th, 2008, then the series will appear on TV throughout the fall."

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The Star Wars fansite TheForce.net contacted Lucasfilm for verification, where they were told:

"I'd like to clarify Hasbro comments this AM about the Clone Wars TV Series. We see it as a breakthrough animated television series and are exploring a number of innovative ways to introduce it to the public. No decisions regarding release strategy have been made yet."

I followed up with just one question. Is a theatrical release introducing the series in the works and received this response: "It's one of the many things being discussed but we have no decisions yet. For us it's all about finding a creative way to launch a creative TV series."

The proposed series does not have anyone from the six Star Wars films as far as connecting the audience expecting the familiar mythology.

"The Skywalkers aren't in it, and it's about minor characters," Lucas said in an previous interview. "It has nothing to do with Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader or any of those people. It's completely different. But it's a good idea, and it's going to be a lot of fun to do."

Lucas joked that the series would be about "the life of robots" but wouldn't let any details slip about the true premise.

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