Ron Howard is ready to start promoting Solo, and has gotten a head start by narrating A New Hope in the style of Arrested Development and it's awesome. With Solo hitting theaters in a few weeks and some new Arrested Development episodes coming soon, it's the perfect time to utilize Howard and promote both projects. Though, this mashup puts the focus on the first Star Wars movie by using all of the same music and gags from the cult favorite TV series.

The beginning of the new Star Wars and Arrested Development mashup begins exactly like an episode of the series, except instead of, "the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together," Ron Howard says it's about a family "who wants to rule the galaxy, and the one son who had no choice but to save it." Howard's dry humor is perfect for the recap of A New Hope, adding the trademark sarcasm of Arrested Development and bringing it into the Star Wars universe.

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One of the major things that gets played up is the relationship between Luke and Leia in the new Arrested Development mashup, who obviously didn't know that they were brother and sister in the first Star Wars movie. The mashup successfully uses (or overuses) the Pete Rose sliding head first into second base, which was used every time George Michael's infatuation with his cousin was brought up. The Star Wars elements fit surprisingly well into the cult series template, and then brought up to a new level when Ron Howard promotes Solo in the middle of the video.

Elsewhere, the Star Wars and Arrested Development mashup highlights some untruths, like Obi-Wan mentioning that he had never seen the R2-D2 droid before and then flashing to the many times in the prequels where he calls the droid's name many times. The video even pokes fun at Luke thinking that the Death Star is actually a small moon. The mashup definitely works best if you're a fan of both of these franchises, because it's really well done and plays with some pretty well-known aspects of each.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is all set to hit theaters in just a few weeks, premiering for the first time on May 10th at the Cannes Film Festival and then two weeks later on the 25th in theaters all over the world. Star Wars fans have been curious about what Ron Howard has done with the movie after taking it over from Chris Miller and Phil Lord over the summer as well as how Alden Ehrenreich will do as the young Han Solo. As with Infinity War, Disney has worked really hard at making an excellent and unique promotional campaign for the spin-off movie and this video is the proof. You can check out the Star Wars and Arrested Development mashup below, courtesy of the Star Wars YouTube channel.