Brie Larson as Jyn Erso? It was the role that just wasn't meant to be. Brie Larson has made quite a bit of noise in the past couple of years, declaring her love for many big franchises, and expressing her desire to appear in a Star Wars movie, along with hustling for the lead gig as Samus Aran in a Metroid live-action movie and hoping that she gets cast in an Animal Crossing movie if that ever comes to pass.

While many fans knew she had long dreamed of donning Jedi robes, it wasn't common knowledge that Brie had actually auditioned for a Star Wars movie until she revealed this information on her new Youtube channel. She didn't get specific about the details. This left many to wonder exactly which Star Wars movie she'd auditioned for. Many speculated that she read for Rey. Well, that's not right.

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In a new interview, an unprovoked Brie Larson revealed exactly which Star Wars audition she failed to land. And It wasn't for the role of Rey or Rose Tico. While she doesn't discuss the Star Wars character that slipped from her grasp, we have to assume that she was aiming to land the role of Jyn Erso. As Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the Disney-era Star Wars movie that she read for.

Brie Larson recently appeared on Rogue One writer Gary Whitta's Youtube show Animal Talking, which covers all things Animal Crossing. During Gary and Brie's conversation, the subject of Star Wars came up. Whitta casually mentions that he has worked extensively in the Star Wars universe. Which prompted an unexpected reply from Brie Larson.

"Oh yeah, you wrote Rogue One, right? I auditioned for that, I didn't get it."

While Felicity Jones did a fine job creating the new Star Wars character of Jyn Erso, it's not much of a stretch to see Brie Larson taking on that role for Rogue One. It's a little harder to see her in the role of Rey Skywalker, though she may have been a descent fit for that character as well. It's not confirmed, but it is believed that Rogue One is the only Star Wars movie that Brie auditioned for.

At the time she dropped the initial Star Wars audition news, she also opened up about losing out on auditions for big franchises like The Terminator reboot. Though, she went for the role of Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys, not Terminator: Dark Fate, which brought back the 'real' Sarah Connor. She also tempted fate by auditioning for Hunger Games in the role of Katniss Everdeen, a role that ultimately went to Brie's contemporary Jennifer Lawrence.

Brie Larson may have lost out on the presumed role of Jyn Erso, but that hasn't stopped her from pinning away for any role in one of the upcoming new Star Wars movie, of which we know zero about, except that the first one comes out in December 2023. As she currently portrays Carol Danvers in Disney's Marvel franchise Captain Marvel, the mouse house is likely very well aware that Brie really wants to get in on the Star Wars universe.

Brie Larson will be shooting Captain Marvel 2 sometime in the far off future. The MCU is currently in a bit of disarray with the production shut down experienced in Hollywood since March. Will Brie Larson have the time to also take on a Star Wars movie? Perhaps she can return in the Rogue One prequel series centered on Cassian Andor and bring this all full circle.