The Star Wars universe is getting bigger and bigger these days, with last month bringing the new theatrical spin-off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. With success often comes parody, and the Star Wars franchise is no different, as a new animated short debuted that has to be seen to be believed. The short is entitled Star Wars Babies, which not only shows what some iconic characters may have looked like as babies, but also what the controversial "midichlorians" may have looked like as actual characters.

This two-minute animated short comes from YouTube user "cheeksdown," who admits in the video's description that, "Disney is doing great so far with Star Wars ... let's hope they don't screw this up." The theme song is an obvious parody of the Muppet Babies animated series from the 1980s, and we see characters like Princess Leia walking her dog, Han Solo being continually squirted with a water pistol by Greedo, who clearly shoots first, the Ewok Wicket playing a game of "ding dong ditch" and Chewbacca and Boba Fett kicking BB-8 around like a soccer ball. The brief "story" begins when Jar Jar Binks asks if he can play soccer with Chewbacca and Boba Fett, and they don't exactly have the nicest reaction.

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First, Boba Fett kicks BB-8 right into Jar Jar Binks' private region, before an enraged Chewbacca throws him down a well. The midichlorians are forced to tell the Jedi, as they somehow enter the body of Jedi leader Yoda, asking his midichlorians to help Jar Jar Binks. Unfortunately, they have no interest in helping that, "inbred dap," and they just plan to let him die because they have problems of their own. These problems deal with Yoda's adult behavior, which shows the Jedi master in quite a new, and naughty way.

The end of the theme song shows Princess Leia's seemingly meek Tauntaun the head off a baby Tampa, while Han Solo turns the tables on Greedo, Wicket learns there was a gruesome trap waiting for him after ding dong ditch, and Darth Vader loses his red balloon. Be sure to watch all the way until the end for a hilarious yet brief scene after the end credits. While this animated short most certainly is not for any of the young Star Wars fans out there, the adults who grew up with the franchise may certainly see the humor in this short.

While this Star Wars animated short most certainly isn't part of the Star Wars canon, there are most definitely enough characters in the Star Wars universe that could be used if more of these shorts are produced. Disney and LucasFilm currently have the Star Wars spin-off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in theaters, with the highly-anticipated Star Wars: Episode VIII debuting in theaters December 15. While we wait for more on this galaxy far, far away, take a look at this Star Wars Babies animated short film, to start your week off on a humorous note.