Even before The Force Awakens hit theaters, people were wondering about Rey's parents. And it has become one of the bigger mysteries behind the new Star Wars trilogy. Star Wars: The Last Jedi promises to give us the definitive answer in a few short weeks. But suave players who have finished the new Star Wars: Battlefront 2 video game think they have it figured out. Rey's parents are a pair known as Iden Versio and Del Meeko.

Who? Well, they are two official Star Wars canon characters introduced in the new Battlefront 2 game. And it makes sense. Most fans have long suspected that Rey is not Luke Skywalker's daughter or even blood relative. She's not Kylo Ren's sister, despite her connection to Han Solo, and that controversial Leia hug at the end of Star Wars 7. As often prophesied, Rey's parents are two individuals who were not connected to the original trilogy.

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Instead they are connected to a new video game. And before you argue that there was no trace of them in The Force Awakens, there was. In the remnants left over from the battle of Jakku. Battlefront never comes right out and says this pair is Rey's parents. But there is significant evidence to back it up.

The new video game story follows the Inferno Squad, a team of elite Imperial soldiers led by Rey's supposed mom Iden Versio. Tales of this small team of soldiers first emerge in the wake of the events that took place in Return of the Jedi. By the end of the road, Versio and her teammate Del Meeko switch teams and become Rebel soldiers. The Rebells are able to conquer the Empire at Jakku, with the final remnants retreating to the Unknown Regions, where Snoke is rumored to hail from.

In the aftermath of the Empire's fall, Iden and Del fall in love, settle down and have a daughter. As the First Order rises out of the ashes of the Empire, they kidnap Meeko, with Kylo Ren interrogating the man for the location of Lord San Tekka and the map to Luke Skywalker, leading to the events that eventually kick of The Force Awakens. Meeko is eventually killed off by Gideon Hask, a former member of Inferno Squad who is now an officer in the First Order.

The fate of Iden Versio and her very powerful daughter are never revealed. But before he dies at the hands of Hask, Meeko warns the First Order to stay away from Eden and their daughter. He tells Kylo that his little girl is very 'dangerous'. This is one of the story elements that is left as a cliffhanger, with new Battlefront DLCs set for release during the theatrical debut of The Last Jedi this December.

It's an intriguing element to lay out in the game. And most fans are suspecting that they've officially been introduced to Rey's parents. The timeline fits, as it is not entirely laid out as to when Iden and Del's child was born. But fans have already had Rey's timeline laid out. She was born roughly twenty years before The Force Awakens, roughly ten years after the events in Return of the Jedi. The real clue that fans are gravitating towards is the fact that Meeko calls his offspring 'dangerous'. Did he discover that his daughter was force sensitive? Did he hide her because of this? Kylo knows there is a 'dangerous' girl floating around somewhere out in space, and this lines up with his anger and interest in Rey as we see in The Force Awakens.

Right now, there is nothing that outright confirms Rey's parents are these two characters fans have previously never met. And it's unlikely that Lucasfilm would allow Rey's parents to be revealed in a video game instead of a movie. The upcoming DLC packs for The Last Jedi are confirmed to contain some spoilers. But it never sounded like it was something this fundamental. One major connection the new Battlefront DLC will have with The Last Jedi is Luke's compass. As for the rest of the story, well have to wait a few more weeks to watch all the drama of the Skywalker saga unfold on the big screen. This ideas were first discussed on ScreenRant.

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