If you were disappointed with the original Star Wars Battlefront, you might want to buckle up and check out this first full-length trailer for Star Wars Battlefront 2. The folks at DICE and EA knew that not everyone was thrilled with the first game and they have clearly done some massive course correction this time around. This game looks like it is going to be epic and it will have an important new story that is part of the Star Wars canon.

The trailer was revealed during the Star Wars Battlefront II panel during Star Wars Celebration and it did not disappoint. We had already seen a very small, condensed TV spot version of this trailer that leaked online before this reveal, but this goes much more in-depth on the story and gives a much better idea of the gameplay. It turns out that the single-player campaign in this game, something that was sorely missing from the first game, will be a story that is part of the new Star Wars canon and will center on an Imperial Stormtrooper named Iden Versio. She will be heading up a special ops Stormtrooper squad named Inferno Squadron, who you can see a lot of in the trailer.

"The prequels, original trilogy, and new era meet in an expanded multiplayer experience and galactic-scale space combat. Play iconic heroes that bring distinct abilities to the battlefront - or join the fight in an emotionally-gripping single player story. Your Star Wars hero's journey has begun."

The story will be taking place after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, just after the destruction of the second Death Star. Iden Versio was described as one of the "heroes of the Empire," which is a type of character we haven't dealt will all too much in the Star Wars universe. Other things worth noting from the trailer include Darth Maul igniting his lightsaber, with Yoda seemingly ready to duel with him, confirming some very early prequel era stuff. We also see Rey and Kylo Ren absolutely wrecking shop and a whole bunch of gorgeous space battles. Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks like it could definitely be the game we all wanted the first time around.

In addition to all of the single-player stuff that has been added in the sequel, here is also going to be expanded multiplayer game modes and a whole lot more in this game, so there is a lot to look forward to and might make you want to pre-order the game now, which you can do. It was also announced at the panel that there will be a tie-in novel called Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad, which will be released this July. Star Wars Battlefront II is set for release on November 17 and will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Be sure to check out the brand new trailer for yourself below.

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Ryan Scott